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Barkha Dutt

There’s nothing queer about it

Why shouldn’t gays and lesbians get legal rights? After all, it’s not about sex, it’s about the Constitution, writes Barkha Dutt.

Another bend in the road

The India-Pakistan joint statement was not the best-crafted consensus. But at least a start has been made, writes Barkha Dutt.

Baloch boomerang

For India and Pakistan, one single word could spell the difference between dialogue and stalemate. That word used to be Kashmir. That word could have been terrorism. But that word now is- Balochistan, writes Barkha Dutt.

Shed those clichés

Obama’s ‘beer summit’ was an honest effort. We need such efforts in India to overcome caste and religious divisions in our society, writes Barkha Dutt.

That Jinnah djinn

By expelling Jaswant Singh, the BJP has lost the last trait that it claims differentiates it from the Congress — inner-party democracy, writes Barkha Dutt.

On his own terms

Every politician can learn a lesson from YSR, who could fend off all his opponents because of his direct relationship with the voters, writes Barkha Dutt.

Back to basics

If the current austerity drive has to go beyond photo-ops and TV debates, then it must focus on accountability and transparency, writes Barkha Dutt.

Stop the hypocrisy

A holiday is no tribute to a man who said work is worship. If you really want to honour Gandhi, go out and try to be the change you wish to see, writes Barkha Dutt.

The joke’s on us

We will never see anyone taking responsibility for the Ayodhya demolition — a black swan moment in the country’s history — or for the communal riots that ensued and claimed thousands of lives. Barkha dutt examines...

A Headley mystery

The US is unwilling to divulge many details about the 26/11 accused. But in its own interest, India must know more about his shadowy past, writes Barkha Dutt.

The smile has to go

S.P.S. Rathore’s crime goes way beyond molestation. He drove a child to death and harassed a family with criminal intimidation. Why were these charges not part of the case built against him? Barkha Dutt examines...

Life, death, and the quality of mercy

The Gandhi family’s magnanimity is at variance with the political response to the issue of freedom for Nalini, co-conspirator in Rajiv’s assassination, writes Barkha Dutt.

Search for a new route

If the Indian PM really has his heart set on building a new paradigm with Pakistan, he needs to find a way of talking to the people who really matter there: the Army and the ISI. Barkha Dutt examines...

Many shades of grey

‘This isn’t about India as a country; it’s just about a few people who do not understand the language of Modern Art. Art is always ahead of Time. They will understand one day.’ With these words and the brandish of a giant brush, a twinkly-eyed M F Husain sought to close the recent debate that has polarised public opinion about him, writes Barkha Dutt.

Chasing a shadow

New Delhi allowed the FBI to question 26/11 accused Ajmal Kasab in person. But now the US has struck a deal with India’s most-wanted, David Headley, writes Barkha Dutt.
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