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The India Struggle
Note by Sisir K Bose & Sugata Bose
The Indian Struggle, 1920-1942, is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's major political study of the movement for independence in which he himself was a leading participant. The book gives a lucid, analytical narrative of the freedom struggle from the time of the non-co-operation and Khilafat movements to the Quit India and the Azad Hind movements. Netaji's reflections of the key themes in Indian history and a finely etched assessment of Mahatma Gandhi's role in it, enrich the story of the political upheavals of the inter-war period....more
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An Indian Pilgrim (An Unfinished Autobiography)
Note by Sisir K. Bose & Sugata Bose
'How many selfless sons of the Mother are prepared, in this selfish age,' the fifteen-year old Subhas asked his mother in 1912, 'to completely give up their personal interests and take the plunge for the Mother? Mother, is this son of yours yet ready?' as he stood on the verge of taking the plunge by resigning from the Indian Civil Service, he wrote to his elder brother Sarat on April 6, 1921: ' I know what this sacrifice means. It means poverty, suffering, hard work and possibly other hardships to which I need not expressly refer but ...more
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The Essential Writings of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
Note by Sisir K Bose & Sugata Bose
Distilled out of a twelve-volume set of his Collected Works, his Essential Writings is designed to provide a single-volume introduction to the thought of India's foremost militant nationalist. They were the products of a philosophical mind applied to careful analyses of specific historical situations and informed by direct and continuous revolutionary experience in different parts of the world of a kind unknown to any other leader of contemporary India. ...more
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Letters, Articles, Speeches and Statements (1933-1937)
Note by Sisir K Bose & Sugata Bose
In February 1933, a seriously ill and emaciated prisoner was carried out of an ambulance on a stretcher and out onto a ship setting sail from Bombay to Europe. When the same man boarded a KLM flight in Calcutta for Europe in November 1937, he was president-elect of the Congress. This volume brings together the letters, writings and speeches from a fascinating period...more
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The Alternative Leadership
Note by Sisir K Bose & Sugata Bose
Between his resignation as Congress president in Calcutta on April 29, 1939 and his escape from his Elgin Road home on the night of 16-17 January 1941, Subhas Chandra Bose tried to give the Indian people an alternative leadership at the national level in place of the old guard represented by the Gandhian High Command. This alternative was based on a commitment to uncompromising anti-imperialism in the current phase of Indian politics and undiluted socialism once freedom was won....more
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Letters to Emilie Schenkl (1934-1942)
Note by Sisir K Bose & Sugata Bose
Perhaps the least known aspect of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's many-sided personality was his love for Emilie Schenkl, his Austrian wife. Bose met Emilie Schenkl in June 1934 in Vienna, developed a close relationship during his forced European exile, secretly married her in December 1937, and had a daughter, Anita, in November 1942. This special volume of the Collected Works illuminates the human and emotional aspects of Netaji's many-splendoured life. ...more
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