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Reported death of Subhas Bose (August 25, 1945)
The Japanese News Agency on Thursday announced the death of Mr Subhas Chandra Bose in a Japanese hospital from injuries received in an air crash, says a London message ...more

Eyewitness account of Subhas Bose's death, Tokyo (November 1, 1945)
An informant who was a passenger with ten others in a Japanese two-engined bomber in which Mr Bose was flying to Japan said that there is not the slightest doubt that Mr Subhas Bose died on August 18 at the Taihoku Hospital, Formosa after the plane in which he was travelling to Tokyo crashed on the Taihoku airfield ...more

Conditions in I.N.A. camp near Jessore (November 2, 1945)
According to Mr Sassadhar Acharya, assistant secretary, Jessore District Congress Committee sanitation conditions in the caged camps are bad. There is congestion and possibility of diseases breaking out any day while, practically, there is no medical arrangement ...more

Many I.N.A. men already executed, Lucknow (November 2, 1945)
"Probably few people know that many valiant soldiers of the I.N.A have already been executed after army trials by court-martial," said Mr Ansar Harvani, president, All-India Youth League ...more

Is Subhas Chandra Bose still alive? (November 11, 1945)
The Japanese Board of Information anounced "Subhas Chandra Bose, who was on his way to Japan from Singapore for consultation with the Japanese Government, died of injuries received when his plane crashed near Taihoku." But no one was even informed where the "remains" were kept, let alone allowed access to the place ...more

Mystery of 1, 900 I.N.A. men's fate (December 12, 1945)
Nineteen hundred and sixty-three I.N.A. officers and men being detained in Bangkok were transferred last month from the concentration camp on the premises of the Anglo-Siam Corporation to several concentration camps whose location has been kept a secret ...more

Rani of Jhansi Regiment: Valuable work done by Muslim women (December 23, 1945)
How the League circles feel uncomfortable about the remarkable degree of communal unity achieved within the Indian National Army is shown in a report in the League daily this morning that there was not a single Muslim woman in the Rani of Jhansi Regiment of the I.N.A commanded by Captain Lakshmi. The truth is that there were several Muslim women in the Rani of Jhansi Regiment ...more

Gandhiji believes Subhas is alive (January 3, 1946)
"I believe Subhas Bose is still alive and is biding his time somewhere," said Mahatma Gandhi at a workers' meeting here ...more

When he met Bose, Calcutta (January 4, 1946)
According to one of the men from the group of released officers and men of the Indian National Army, Netaji had plans for escape if it became necessary for him to avoid being captured by the British ...more

Soviet outburst against Bose (January 8, 1946)
Soviet journalist, David Zaslavsky in an article in Pravda denounced as "a stupid fairy tale" a report that Subhas Chandra Bose, who headed the "Free India Government" during the war, is in Soviet Russia, Moscow radio reported ...more

Gandhiji's praise for Subhas Bose, Calcutta (January 17, 1946)
"My relations with Subhas Bose were always of the purest and best. I always knew his capacity for sacrifice but full knowledge of his resourcefulness, soldiership and organizing ability came to me only after his escape from India," said Mahatma Gandhi replying to a question on his way to Dhubri from Gauhati during his Assam tour ...more

"Netaji is not dead" (March 24, 1946)
Mr T.K. Nair, one of the engineers who was in charge of the municipal works of Singapore at the time of its fall to the Japanese said he did not believe the story of Netaji's death. "I was told," he said, "that the plane in which he was travelling and which is alleged to have crashed was in fact seen in Hong Kong the next day" ...more

Netaji's thrilling 1943 journey from Berlin to Sumatra (April 14, 1946)
Giving an account of the journey, Major Abid Hassan, personal secretary to Netaji, who travelled with him said, "It took us full three months to travel from Berlin to Sumatra, every minute of which was full of dangers" ...more

Subhas Bose seen at Nalanda? (April 29, 1946)
Pareman Pasla, a labourer at Nalanda believes he saw Mr Subhas Bose there a few days ago. The resemblance was unmistakable except that Mr Bose wore a moustache. He was dressed in khaki shorts and shirts and a pair of brown canvas shoes ...more

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