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'Netaji is not dead' (September 13, 1956)
According to Mr Suresh Chandra Bose, a member of the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Inquiry Committee and Netaji's elder brother said the the Japanese Government's own witnesses, produced before the committee, made such contradictory statements that it was "unbelievable" that Netaji died in an air crash ...more

Question raised in Lok Sabha (September 13, 1956)
In a reference to the Netaji Inquiry Committe Report, Mr N.C Chatterjee asked in the Lok Sabha whether the Prime Minister had received any complaint from Mr Suresh Chandra Bose that he had not been given the full report ...more

Sondhi urges expansion of Netaji commission (October 16, 1970)
Jan Sangh member of Parliament, Prof M.L. Sondhi, has urged Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that the one-man Khosla Commission set up by the Govt should include in it some well-known international jurists, military historians, war correspondents, aviation and forensic experts to enable it to come to some satisfactory conclusions regarding Netaji's death ...more

Japanese had altered Netaji's flight plan (October 20, 1970)
Appearing as a witness before the Khosla commission, Mr Deb Nath Dass, formerly general secretary of the Indian Independence League in South-East Asia said that Netaji had mentioned to him that the Japanese had changed their plan regarding his departure from Saigon at the eleventh hour ...more

Witness says Japanese killed Netaji (October 21, 1970)
Netaji's close associate Mr Deb Nath Dass, deposing before the Khosla commission said that "in 1954 he came to the conclusion that if Netaji had died it was not in the same plane and that the Japanese had played some foul game with them" ...more

'Rehman's statement on death is false' (November 4, 1970)
Deposing before the Khosla Commission, Dr Satyanarayan Sinha said Colonel Habibur Rehman had confessed to him at Patna in 1946 that he had had told a lie when he said that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose died in a plane crash in Taipeh on August 18, 1945 ...more

Soviet denial (November 4, 1970)
The Soviet authorities "had absolutely nothing to do with the fate of Subhas Chandra Bose," the Soviet Embassy said in a statement today ...more

Radhakrishnan met Netaji in Moscow, says witness (November 17, 1970)
Mr S.M Goswami, a retired officer of the West Bengal Govt, told the Khosla Commission that Dr Radhakrishnan had told him that Netaji had asked him (Dr Radhakrishnan) to make arrangements for his (Bose's) return to India ...more

Shahnawaz played Netaji false (November 18, 1970)
Mr Suresh Chandra Bose, Netaji's elder brother who was also a member of the Shah Nawaz Committee, deposing before the Khosla Commission charged Mr Shah Nawaz Khan with "playing Netaji false" ...more

Shoulmari Baba was Netaji, says witness (December 29, 1970)
Mr Uttam Chand Malhotra, a sub-inspector of the BSF in his deposition before the Khosla Commission said that the way in which the Shoulmari Baba talked, his appearance and other manners, he was sure that the Baba was Netaji ...more

'Note to Nehru said Netaji went to Russia' (January 1, 1971)
One of the witnesses deposing before the Khosla Commission, a job typist, said that a "hand-written note" given to him by Mr Nehru to type was to the effect that Mr Subhas Chandra Bose started from Saigon on Aug. 23, 1945 by plane and arrived in Dairen near the Manchurian border at 1.30 p.m ...more

Witness claims secret contact with Netaji (January 6, 1971)
A 55-yr-old pleader claiming to be the "only secret contact man" from India on Netaji told the Khosla Commission that Netaji through an "oral message" had told him "I am strictly watching the proceedings of the commission" ...more

Witness tells of Netaji's death in plane crash (January 21, 1971)
The Propaganda and Publicity Minister in Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's Azad Hind Fauj told the Khosla Commission about the death of Netaji after a plane crash as he had heard from Hind Fauj who was a passenger in the ill-fated plane ...more

'Gandhi, others had agreed to hand over Netaji' (January 23, 1971)
Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Maulana Azad had come to an agreement with the British judge that if Netaji were to enter India, he would be handed over and charged, said Usman Patel who claimed to be a bodyguard of Netaji ...more

Shoulmari Baba is Netaji, Commission told (March 3, 1971)
Mr Madan Mohan, a clerk in Udaipur University, deposed before the Khosla Commission that he had deduced from the material already submitted by him to the Commission that the Shoulmari Baba was none else but Netaji ...more

Giri asks people to emulate Netaji (October 22, 1972)
President V.V Giri called upon the people toemulate "the illuminating example of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and spread the fragrance of his inspiring ideals..." ...more

Directive 'hindered' work in Taiwan (August 23, 1973)
The Taiwan mortuary death certificate purporting to be that of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, had on translation, turned out to be that of a young Japanese soldier, Mr Samar Guha said in the Lok Sabha today, displaying a photo copy of the document ...more

Guha motions to probe Netaji mystery (August 3, 1977)
According to Mr Samar Guha, the report regarding Netaji's alleged death in a plane crash at Taihoku airport on August 18, 1945, was a plant and that Netaji had actually gone into hiding to escape being caught by the British and tried as a war criminal ...more

Netaji Bose - dead or alive (January 23, 1978)
The "top secret" British documents in the recently published book " Transfer of Power -
1942 -47" positively disclose that the British Government never believed the story of Netaji's death in the alleged aircrash at Taihoku (Taipei) on August 18, 1945. They suspected that Netaji must have escaped to Russia ...more

Netaji's portrait now adorns Central Hall (January 24, 1978)
Netaji had written a letter to Jawaharlal Nehru from Russia after the Formosan aircrash, according to Prof Samar Guha, MP ...more

Netaji letter and Nehru (January 24, 1978)
Referring to the speculation whether Netaji was alive or dead, President Sanjiva Reddy
at the unveiling of Subhas Bose's portrait in the Central Hall of Parliament, said: "Some people say he is alive. I wish I could believe it is so. If he is alive, let him come to us even for one day... to inspire us" ...more

'A wrong done to Netaji undone after 30 years' (January 24, 1978)
Mr Sailesh Chandra Bose, Netaji's younger brother, said here today a wrong "perpetuated for 30 years," had now been undone by celebrating his birth anniversary" ...more

'Follow Netaji to serve the country' (January 24, 1978)
Speaking at a symposium on "Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's Vision of New India", Union Home Minister Charan Singh said there was not much difference between Gandhiji and Netaji ...more

Netaji alive, coming any day (January 23, 1979)
Mr Samar Guha, MP, released a photograph of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose which he claimed portrays "Netaji in a temple in India". He is living in intense tapasya for the fulfilment of the unfulfilled mission of his "divine motherland," he said ...more

Let's close Netaji issue: Shah Nawaz (April 14, 1978)
Mr Shah Nawaz Khan, a former Minister of State, who headed the three-member commission to probe into the death of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and submitted report in 1956, has demanded to close this issue for ever ...more


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