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My grandmother saw Netaji in Rishikesh

Dear Editor,

My grandfather Peshori Lal was posted at Teen Murti Bhawan in the Malaria Cell of the New Delhi Municipal Committee. After his retirement he went to Rishikesh to spend the rest of his life as a mendicant.
He had a small cottage to himself and he lived there under the assumed name of Moni Baba Prashar.

I remember that during my visit to his ashram, my grandmother mentioned having met a man who looked just like Netaji Subhas Bose. Since she was unsure of the man, she quizzed inmates of the nearby ashram who had interacted with him. They all confirmed that he was indeed Netaji.

This man, she said, was in a saintly garb and was spending his life somewhere in the high mountains along with his followers.

Mr Satinder Pal Singh
92-B, Arjun Nagar,
Safdarjung Enclave,
New Delhi - 110029.
Ph - 6187939

Yogi Maharaj is Netaji

Dear Editor,

Samarat Yogi Maharaj is Netaji. He is more than 100 years old, stands 6 feet and 1 inch and is hale and hearty. He is currently at his ashram at Sitapur in UP.

He does not claim he is Netaji, but his writings and speech prove beyond doubt that he is truly Netaji.

Chaaju Ram Vishwakarma
310, Sain Colony,
Near Loko Shed, Ghaziabad
Ph: 4740189.

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