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Dear Editor,

I am a retired Indian Police Service officer who had worked for long years in the Intelligence Bureau in various capacities. In the final phase of my service, I worked as the Director General, Bureau of Police Research and Development, New Delhi.

During my days with the Intelligence Bureau, in the early 1960s, "Major General" Bonzo J K Bhonsale become a very close friend of mine. During a conversation we had in 1962, General Bhonsale categorically told me that - despite the controversy - Netaji had, in fact, died in the air-crash, as reported. There was just no other evidence or ground to prove otherwise.

Later, I submitted a full account of the matter as recounted by General Bhonsale to the Director, Intelligence Bureau. It was seen by the highest officers before being returned to me as the originator, for filing. It may be still in the old files (of 1962-63 vintage).

General Bhonsale, a direct descendent of Chhatrapati Shivaji, was perhaps the Director of Military Operations of the Indian National Army when Netaji was killed in an air-crash.

Therefore, he was a well-placed and well-informed person on the circumstances leading to the death of Netaji.

General Bhonsale joined the Congress party after his release at the end of the INA Trial. He was elected to the Lok Sabha and became Deputy Minister for Rehabilitation. Later, he was given the charge of Director General, National Discipline Scheme.

It was at this stage that I befriended General Bhonsale. At that time, I was a superintendent of Police in the Intelligence Bureau.


Vinod Krishna Kaul
A-9, Pamposh Enclave
Greater Kailash-1
New Delhi
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