What are you doing this weekend?
They don't have expensive membership fees. Or hotly fought elections. Some of them would require you to wear shorts. And you don't need an interview to get in. The city's brimming with quirky special-interest clubs that are only too happy for company – the only qualification is enthusiasm. Whether you want to cycle through Mumbai's roads, shoot its streets and fish in its waters, there's someone out there who's keen to do the same. You'll never have to do it alone.
by Pooja Biraia
Mumbai Meat Marathon
"This group is for gluttons, gorgers, gourmands and hogs, and we head out every week, exploring the best places to eat only meat," says Deesh Mariwala, founder. The first session was held in October 2011, starting at 5.30am at Valibhai Payawala, Bhendi Bazaar, and moving across the area under the JJ Flyover before ending up at Bohri Mohalla with a raan biryani at Shalimar. "Vegetarians are tolerated only if they promise to be entertaining," Mariwala adds.
Pet Pujaris
Kumar Jhuremalani's group, meets twice a month to eat. Events are created in advance on Facebook, and members post RSVPs there. At the beginning of the month, a 'fatka' event is scheduled, for which the bill is over
500. At the end of the month a 'kadka' event is held, for which the bill is below 300. Bon apetit!
Kraig Jarvis Fishing Club
India's only salt-water sport fishing club is the brainchild of enthusiast Glen Simoens, who has spent many weekends scouting for places to sink his line. Beginners are trained and pros encouraged. "Fishing is a fantastic leisure sport and doesn't get boring at all," Simoens assures. Gear is not provided, however, members are assisted with scouting the best equipment from the right places in Mumbai. "We even accompany people to the shop if needed," he adds.
The Powai Angling Club
"This is the only club in Maharashtra to issue angling permits," says Dr Rajeev Nerurkar, a club regular. "We regularly go angling out of Mumbai. All plans are made in advance through discussions," adds Nerurkar.

Typically anglers release their catch back as a way of maintaining the ecological balance of the lake. "Though experienced anglers catch more fish, it is a great sport for beginners," he explains. Fishing gear is provided.
Katha Cues
Once upon a time… advertising professional Tarun Durga decided to start a storytelling club called Katha Cues. It was 2011 and Durga was inspired by similar initiatives in the US and UK. He hosts sessions at local coffee shops in which each member tells a story revolving around their real-life experiences. Previous themes have included 'If I Could Do It Again', 'My Mentor-Tormentor,' and 'Scary But True'. The catch: Each person has just seven minutes to tell his or her tale. "The idea is to connect through the stories," says Durga.
Mumbai Weekend Shoot
This group has been meeting nearly every weekend since September 2008 at different locations to capture Mumbai using everything from smartphone cameras to DSLRs. "We mainly shoot historic and famous places," says founder Moolchand Dedhia. Some of their meets have been held at Chor Bazaar, the area around CST station, and at Marine Drive, and they've also been to Sula Vineyards, Matheran and various temples across Maharashtra. Most meets end in quick comparison sessions. Last week, they were at the HT Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.
It's Showtime
This group organises trips to the theatre with the idea that fans should never again face the prospect of attending a stage show by themselves. "I enjoy watching plays and stand-up, but unlike movies, it was difficult to find people who enjoyed them," says Salonee Sanghvi, the group's founder who's a self-confessed theatre fan and an equity analyst by day.

Every month, an event is chosen democratically on Facebook. Everyone meets half an hour before the show starts. Members hang out after the show to discuss the event.
Board Games Bash
Since April 2012, this community of board-game lovers has always been ready to play. They don't just deal in old-world staples like Monopoly or Ludo; members have also been introduced to Jungle Speed, Funglish and Cranium and strategy games like Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan and Fluxx, racking up an enviable inventory of over 200 games.

If you show up without partners or a game, host Kumar Jhuremalani will seat you at one that's already in progress, or help you start a new one. The rules are outlined at the beginning, and once the game ends, you can switch tables or start a new game at yours.
Cycledelics Club
"We don't organise just cycling trips. It's more a 'cycle till you drop' activity and then we reward ourselves with beers or a bar hop," says Varsha Krishnani, a member of Cycledelics.

"It's an open group. You can post an invite, such as, 'Anyone up for cycling tonight from Juhu to Bandra and back?' and count the number of responses you get." Members need to have their own cycles... and stamina!