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If you are a dataport…

Having developed expertise in the dynamic and fast-growing content repurposing and repackaging global market, we are looking at seeking a direct interface with you to drive cost efficiencies and value additions to your business. We are in a position to offer:

Original news content of Hindustan Times. Content from other leading Newspapers & Newswires.
Repackage the content provided by you.
US Fed PR (of all departments… with fresh uploads every 4 hrs).
US Government Contract Awards
Indian Govt PR

If you want to be an alliance partner…

Let us outline some of the ways you can team up with us. 

  • Databases can acquire our content uploads to allow your existing service offer its customers more vital information from the U.S. and from India today, and from other world points in the future.
    • For example, Factiva currently carries all U.S. press releases from HT Syndication for its world-wide readers. These releases cover the U.S. executive branch of government and the U.S. Congress. Every day, this feed becomes more extensive as we add more information. It is available on a daily upload customized to your specifications. Factiva also carries our U.S. government contract awards abstracts offering opportunities for businesses to search for new partnerships.

  • Businesses, such as lobbying firms, consulting businesses and law firms, can extract crafted content streams of the best focused news from the U.S. federal government to offer to your clients on your own Web site with your branding.
    • For example, if your business is focused on world trade issues, we can extract any release from the U.S. government – from the executive branch and from the U.S. Congress – on a daily basis so you can stay atop the issues. This information can be used internally by you, and your colleagues, or crafted for display on your website so you can develop a new feature for your clients, or a few profit center where you can provide customized information for an additional charge. The topics cover the entire range of issues touched on by the U.S. government.

  • Non-profits: At a special rate, our material would be made available to you so you can stay atop the latest activities from the U.S. government involving grants and other programs that would affect your interest area.

  • World and Regional News organizations that now do not maximize profits through uploads to major databases can partner with HT Syndication and have your feed incorporated into the databases we partner with. Revenues are shared.
Helpline:We operate a 24-hour helpline for customers who want to work on specialized content or need additional information about our documents, products or services. Information is available via e-mail to htsyndication@hindustantimes.com
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