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Mr. Vir SanghviMr. Vir Sanghvi
Editorial Director, Hindustan Times

One of the most recognised faces of Indian journalism, Mr. Vir Sanghvi has held many illustrious and high-ranking media positions in his long career. He is currently the Editorial Director of Hindustan Times and was till recently the editor of the newspaper. His position at HT follows a long line of editorial responsibilities, which began early in his career.

Educated at Mayo College, Ajmer and Oxford University, Mr. Sanghvi was just 22 when he became founder-editor of Bombay magazine, as one of the youngest editors ever. He was recognized with the overhaul of Imprint, one of India's oldest magazines, which he joined in 1983. He garnered national attention at the age of 30, as the Editor of Sunday, then India's largest selling magazine.

After a long and respected stint at the forefront of Sunday, Mr. Sanghvi was appointed Consulting Editor for Anand Bazaar Patrika group in 1997. Two years later he joined his recent position as editor of Hindustan Times. His weekly column, Counterpoint, has been one of the highlights of the newspaper since it began. Meanwhile he had endorsed another medium – television along with his journalistic responsibilities. He started hosting his first show on Doordarshan in 1994. Round Table, telecast on Doordarshan and CNN in 1996, propelled him among newer and broader audiences. But it was his shows on the Star network - A Question of Answers and the continuing Star Talk that saw his popularity reach unparalleled levels.

Mr. Sanghvi divides his time between print and television as he establishes precedents for the rest of the crop of fellow journalists to emulate. Several organisations and institutes have honoured him, but perhaps the praise he commands from his readers and audiences are the best testimony to the excellence of his work.
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