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World's biggest scandals were mostly matters of the flesh. Photofeature »
Few lives have run through such a varied gamut in so short a time and been so eventful. Protima Bedi. The almost-show-all model to the show-all streaker whose bare-dare blitz on the Bombay roads and the Juhu beach remains unmatched till date. No wonder then that the mere mention of her name brings salacious smiles on faces.

India's original flower child, she flaunted an I-care-a-damn attitude and sluiced through double standards and pseudo-morality in society. For the teen gang, she became an icon of the 1970s.

There was practically nothing she did not try in just 39 years - an open marriage with Kabir Bedi, relationships with artists, politicians, fought off ugly memories of a childhood rape and the hurt of being the unwanted child. Then the immediate and extreme switch to an Odissi danseuse who toiled with her own hands to create Nrityagram.

In her own words: "I did what I bloody well felt like doing."
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Osho- the god of free sex

Osho, Bhagwan Rajneesh or simply Rajneesh was one of the most controversial spiritual leaders of 20th century. He found divinity in sexuality and allegedly taught his disciples, to follow free sex as a way to nirvana.

Blending Tantra, Zen, and Western psychotherapy into his teachings, Osho's message appealed to people who were either looking for experimentation, for hedonistic pleasures or came from disturbed, broken family backgrounds.

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By 1979, Rajneesh was already a cult figure and his ashram at Pune was virtually taken over by wealthy westerners where allegedly sexual orgies abounded. Drugs smuggling, bioterrorism and prostitution - the god was omnipresent everywhere with feet of clay, of course. Simmering resentment and opposition from the otherwise, conservative locales of Pune saw him being thrown out of his Pune ashram. Rajneesh fled to America to find his fortune, which he did.

The fortune: A 65,000 acre of Big Muddy Ranch in eastern Oregon, diamonds as gifts from disciples and a fleet of not less than 18 BMW sedans.

However, he was soon to fall from the grace of local administration and was deported to India in 1985.

He had already made his booty in the US and then, grandly declared that in the US he was a "Jesus crucified by Ronald Reagan's America."

Rajneesh's unorthodox often bizarre thoughts and practices always courted controversies.

His Oregon headquarters, Rajneeshpuram, and the sensational experiment with sex and de-conditioning provoked antagonism and heightening his notoriety. Lurid confessions of sexual harassement have come from his disciples who claimed to have been abused and used by the Sex Guru.

Years after his death, Rajneesh's rich and famous disciples have ensured that his creed survives and flourishes.

Osho cassettes, Osho books, the sprawling ashram at Koregaon in Pune which is a more of a tourist resort - Osho has become among the most successful commercial brands in the market today.

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