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Wed, Dec 18, 2002: People could only imagine Jennifer Aniston without her shirt until snoop photographer Francois Navarre scooped her out for the tabloid. Pulp reporters have always pulled all stops "to give the public what it wants".

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Protima Bedi in various moods and moments as she journeys through an eventful life.
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Streaking for fulfillment was how Protima expressed her nude run on the Juhu beach.
Tomorrow: Dec 20, 2002

On April 27, 1959 a "crime of passion" sent shockwaves rippling through Bombay. A Navy commander had murdered a ritzy romeo with a penchant for defence personnel's wives.

The agent provocateur was Prem Ahuja, a businessman and a philandering high society playboy who wore his heart on his sleeve and had almost whisked away Commander Kawas Nanavati's alluring English wife Sylvia from under his nose.When three bullets from the smoking gun barrel put an end to the fatal attraction.

Such an incident was unheard of in the higher echelons of the Bombay society and the "original crime of passion" and the trial thereafter immediately caught the imagination of the people in Bombay and nationwide.

Not just that. The case brought forth an upheavel in the judicial system of the country and was a landmark in India's legal history. From books to movies, the case spawned an interest unparalled till date.

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To friends and family
Coming from a conservative bania family, Protima shocked her family by doing an ad for bras, says Kabir.
The streak to streak
Streakers love to cock-a-snook (or other available parts) at a world obsessed with keeping the private bits hidden.
The wild wild '70s
We were the hell raisers, the pot smokers, the rule breakers of the 70s, says Kabir Bedi.
Protima's lovers
I was always falling in sex, says Protima when I thought that I was falling in love.

Protima would always be cracking jokes about men and sex... But what I admire most is her spunk - Sonal Mansingh, Odissi danseuse

- Shobha De
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Why I streaked!
In spite of their self imposed and gratifying morality, the respectable dwell in confusion, misery and conflict.

Fear which is the desire to be secure makes us conform, imitate and submit to domination.

Therefore it prevents beautiful or creative living.

To live in freedom is to be without fear.

When I see men and women spontaneously pick up a kitten or a child to caress it and love it, I wonder if they would do the same to a grown up person at a party or another gathering.

Streak with me and learn the language of sex and liberation for sex means love and love is liberation.

I shed my clothes, my inhibitions, my conditionings by outdated social norms so that you too can discover yourselves.

I direct this not to the younger generation but to the adults, the parents who have not understood their own sexuality.

when they take shelter behind these conventions, they are living in a world of their own delusions.
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