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Wed, Dec 18, 2002: People could only imagine Jennifer Aniston without her shirt until snoop photographer Francois Navarre scooped her out for the tabloid. Pulp reporters have always pulled all stops "to give the public what it wants".

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Protima Bedi in various moods and moments as she journeys through an eventful life.
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Streaking for fulfillment was how Protima expressed her nude run on the Juhu beach.
Tomorrow: Dec 20, 2002

On April 27, 1959 a "crime of passion" sent shockwaves rippling through Bombay. A Navy commander had murdered a ritzy romeo with a penchant for defence personnel's wives.

The agent provocateur was Prem Ahuja, a businessman and a philandering high society playboy who wore his heart on his sleeve and had almost whisked away Commander Kawas Nanavati's alluring English wife Sylvia from under his nose.When three bullets from the smoking gun barrel put an end to the fatal attraction.

Such an incident was unheard of in the higher echelons of the Bombay society and the "original crime of passion" and the trial thereafter immediately caught the imagination of the people in Bombay and nationwide.

Not just that. The case brought forth an upheavel in the judicial system of the country and was a landmark in India's legal history. From books to movies, the case spawned an interest unparalled till date.

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Heady days of the trial
Lipstick kissed notes were thrown at Nanavati as he left the court. Passions soared at the trial.
Was nanavati fated to kill?
Was the murder in his stars or was it an act of free will? Nanavati's horoscope tells a story.
Inspired by Nanavati
The trial had just the right masala to set afire creative minds in films & in the world of books.
Nanavati was given a life term. But just 3 years in jail & he was set free. Ram Jethmalani was the brains behind.
Defence vs Prosecution
Among the memorable legal wrangles where bigwigs matched wits, the case saw an end to jury trials in India.
Lonely hearts club
"Attention is aphrodisiac for a lonely lady & that was what Prem gave to win over Sylvia.

My mother seemed more critical of Sylvia than I was. My father never discussed this case with me. Honestly, I saw my mother's response as defence machanism. I suspected that in a similar situation my mother too would have been led astray.
Mohan Deep, journalist & biographer of filmstars

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Shivani murder case
It was Jan 23, 1999, Shivani Bhatnagar, principal correspondent of Indian Express was found murdered in her flat in East Delhi. She was at home alone with her infant son, when the murder took place.

R K Sharma, a senior Haryana cadre IPS officer was found to be prime accused in the case.

He was on the run since August 3 this year, ever since the Delhi police issued an arrested warrant against him in connection with the murder case.

Later on September 27, he surrendered himself in a court in Ambala.

R K Sharma confessed to the police that he was acquainted with Shivani since the days that he had been posted as OSD to the then Prime Minister I K Gujral and she had been covering the PMO as a correspondent with the Indian Express.

The investigation further revealed when the murder took place, Ravi Kant was posted as Chief Vigilance Officer of Air-India in Mumbai and Shivani was on maternity leave.

While Shivani had gone to London for three months earlier, Ravi Kant had made 90 ISD calls to her from Mumbai.

Shivani, incidentally, made 176 calls from London to Mumbai during this period.

Now in Tihar jail, Ravikant Sharma has accused Union minister Pramod Mahajan who for having had a love 'affair' with the slain Indian Express reporter. Sharma has termed Mahajan's affair with Shivani as "common knowledge: "Everyone knew, except the Delhi Police."

Sharma has also claimed that contrary to what the minister has said, he knew him "very well".

Madhu, the wife of R K Sharma, had earlier alleged that Mahajan had spoken to Shivani for 45 minutes on the day of the murder and demanded the details of his call to be made public.

Charge sheet has been filed against the prime accused, Ravi Kant Sharma. Apart from Sharma, co-accused Satya Prakash, Sri Bhagwan Sharma, Pradeep Sharma, Ved Prakash Sharma and Ved alias Kalu have also been charge-sheeted. The case is still pending before the court.

While all the accused have been charged under Section 302 (murder), 120 B (conspiracy), 201 (causing disappearance of evidence), 403 and 404 (dishonest misappropriation of property), Ved Prakash Sharma and Ved alias Kallu have been separately charged under section 411 (dishonestly receiving stolen property).

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