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Wed, Dec 18, 2002: People could only imagine Jennifer Aniston without her shirt until snoop photographer Francois Navarre scooped her out for the tabloid. Pulp reporters have always pulled all stops "to give the public what it wants".

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Protima Bedi in various moods and moments as she journeys through an eventful life.
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Streaking for fulfillment was how Protima expressed her nude run on the Juhu beach.
Tomorrow: Dec 20, 2002

On April 27, 1959 a "crime of passion" sent shockwaves rippling through Bombay. A Navy commander had murdered a ritzy romeo with a penchant for defence personnel's wives.

The agent provocateur was Prem Ahuja, a businessman and a philandering high society playboy who wore his heart on his sleeve and had almost whisked away Commander Kawas Nanavati's alluring English wife Sylvia from under his nose.When three bullets from the smoking gun barrel put an end to the fatal attraction.

Such an incident was unheard of in the higher echelons of the Bombay society and the "original crime of passion" and the trial thereafter immediately caught the imagination of the people in Bombay and nationwide.

Not just that. The case brought forth an upheavel in the judicial system of the country and was a landmark in India's legal history. From books to movies, the case spawned an interest unparalled till date.

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To friends and family
Coming from a conservative bania family, Protima shocked her family by doing an ad for bras, says Kabir.
The streak to streak
Streakers love to cock-a-snook (or other available parts) at a world obsessed with keeping the private bits hidden.
The wild wild '70s
We were the hell raisers, the pot smokers, the rule breakers of the 70s, says Kabir Bedi.
Protima's lovers
I was always falling in sex, says Protima when I thought that I was falling in love.

Protima may call me conservative. I was not conservative but I was certainly not outrageous. Between us, that respect for each other in a relationship had died

Kabir Bedi, filmstar, Protima's ex-husband

My friends at school would tease me, "your mom ran naked" and I came crying home.

But she told me I have never questioned how you live, so also you must never question me. It is all about having faith in each other.

Pooja Bedi, Protima Bedi's daughter, film actress

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Protima's naked run

Cine Blitz was the new magazine to be launched in the Rita Mehta & Russi Karanjiamarket in the year 1974, which already had Stardust ruling the roost.

What probably could give it a flying start? The whopping idea came from The Big Chief of Blitz, Russi Karanjia, a great stickler for cleavage on the cover. He said, "Catch an actress streaking and put her in Cine Blitz.

The idea stuck. But who would do it ? Rita Mehta, Russi Karanjia's daughter and the editor of Cine Blitz suggested Protima Bedi.

Says Rita, "I asked her if she would streak across the streets of Mumbai and she agreed. We decided upon doing it early in the morning when the roads are deserted.

The venue chosen was near the Flora Fountain in Mumbai. Taiyeb Badshah was the photographer.

We had the first photosession at the Flora Fountain. But Protima was unhappy with the pictures. She said that her breasts were sagging and she asked for a reshoot.

So, the other shoot was done at the Juhu Beach. But it is unfortunate that for a woman who has otherwise always been so forthright and frank should want to hide this."

That the streaking was stagemanaged is also borne out by Shobha De then Rajadhyaksha, who was among Protima's contemporaries in the modelling world.

Mahesh Bhatt who also belonged to their group and was a close friend of Kabir Bedi said: "The streaking was meant to be a liberated, progressive statement endorsing the view that one is free to express oneself how one wants. But when Protima saw that her freedom of expression was looking like a publicity stunt for a magazine, she probably backtracked and gave the version that the picture was taken when she was part of a nudist camp in Goa and later the image was superimposed on a backdrop of a beach in Bombay."


Cine Blitz inaugral issueCine Blitz was dreamed up years ago when the famous Yours Truly of last pages of Blitz KA Abbas called on Big Chief Russi Karanjia with a dummy and a grand plan to start a trade and film industry weekly magazine named Cine Blitz.

It had to be hard hitting and two fisted like Blitz. A magazine with a viewpoint.

What was dreamed in the sixties came true in the seventies when Cine Blitz was launched with Rita Mehta, Russy Karanjia's daughter heading the magazine as its editor. In December 1974, Cine Blitz was lauched. The first cover had the glamourous Zeenat Aman on its cover and the inside pages blazed with Protima's naked run.

Three decades on, Cine Blitz continues to be among the leading film magazines.




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