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Thursday, Dec 20, 2002:
Cdr Nanavati, who shot his wife's lover for refusing to marry her. Delve into the Nanavati trial, termed the original crime of passion. On display: Sylvia's love letter & Nanavati's letter to HindustanTimes.com

Thursday, Dec 19, 2002:
Juicy details on Protima Bedi's naked run. With exciting pics.

Thursday, Dec 18, 2002:
The tabloid press pull all plugs to give the public what it wants.

The bedroom photos
The sexplicit pictures used by Maneka Gandhi in Surya magazine.
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Suresh's porno pranks
Lurid pics of Jagjivan Ram's son copulating with a DU student made it to the magazine Surya.
Players in the sexcapade
The list is a veritable who's who - from Maneka Gandhi to Janata Party members
Errant Sons

Many a son spelt the doom of their parents' careers in the seventies - among them Morarjee Desai's son Kanti Desai, Sanjay Gandhi and of course Jagjivan Ram's son , Suresh Ram..

Behind the scenes
Insiders who saw the story unfolding from close quarters give a blow by blow account.
Head Turner Sushma
Sushma's ardent admirers swear by her looks. To them, she was simply the best.
A tale of sex and politics
The sex scandal was a political vendetta against Jagjivan Ram & spelt his doom.

The pics were taken by Raj Narain to Morarji Desai who saw them and remarked in disgust: "Kya hai yeh. Ise le jao mere saamne se"

"An emissary came from Jagjivan Ram's office with a message. Mr Ram says he will dump Morarji bhai and join IG if the photos are not published. Mrs Gandhi said: First ask him to dump Morarji". more »

Khushwant Singh, journalist, writer & political analyst

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It pays to be a politician's son!

Vijay Soni

There is hardly any period in the Indian modern history that has been so predominantly dominated by sons of politicians than the late 1970s. The sons, more often than not have spelt doomed to the careers of their politician fathers.

Although the sex scandal of Suresh Ram didn't do much apparent damage to Jagjivan Ram's image, it certainly diminished the chances of his becoming the Prime Minister.

Sanjay Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi during the preceding Congress rule had already done sufficient damage to Indira Gandhi. During the Emergency, Sanjay Gandhi had played dubious role, adding fuel to the fire and the subsequent defeat of Indira Gandhi in the general elections.

Similar was the case of Kanti Desai, son of the then Prime Minister Morarji Desai. He too was allegedly involved in financial embezzlement and brought discredits to his father.

"It could be rightfully called the age of politicians' sons. They competed with each other in brazen examples to outsmart each other", says Inder Malhotra, the eminent journalist while recalling that phase.

They were leveled as the Famous Threes, Sanjay Gandhi, Kanti Desai and Suresh Ram. They were known for the position and access they enjoyed by the virtue of their politician parents. They had a parallel in each other and a common thread of controversies, which strung them together.

"In fact, in many ways Suresh Ram tried to emulate Sanjay Gandhi and received the same shelter from his father which Sanjay got from her mother. It was a game of one-upmanship amongst the three sons who tried to outsmart each other", says Inder Malhotra.

If Suresh Ram was involved in sex scandal, there were allegations of grafts against Kanti Desai. In fact, charges against Kanti Desai started leveling up when Morarji Desai became Deputy Prime Minister in 1967.

Madhu Limaye, a noted socialist is alleged to have written a letter to Morarji Desai. The letter however, got leaked to the press. In the letter, Limaye had asked for Kanti Desai's ouster from the PM's house because he had allegedly collected Rs 80 lakh for party funds and misused his position as PM's son.

It was not only Morarji Desai but Home Minister Charan Singh also whose relatives were alleged to have received favours. On April 11, 1978, Rajya Sabha had adopted a motion for probe into graft charges, of allegations against the families of Prime Minister Morarji Desai and Home Minister Charan Singh.

But probably it is nothing new, as family bonds run deep in Indian politics. "Family affiliations have always played an important role in Indian political life. It was always there and will remain in times to come", says Prithvis Chakravorty, a senior journalist.

In fact, barring Sanjay Gandhi who had been elected to the Lok Sabha from Amethi, none of remaining two sons had any political ambition. Suresh Ram had refused a seat in the Rajya Sabha when Janata Party was in power.

Similarly, Kanti Desai never dabbled into politics despite powerful backing from his father. Instead, Kanti decided to run his own business in Mumbai, which Morarji Desai's detractors said was flourishing because of his father's grace. Long live the fathers and not to forget the mother!

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