Prison story smacks of abuse

  • PADM Kirti
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  • Updated: Jul 05, 2006 00:16 IST

ILLEGALLY SMUGGLED smack, all of 100 grams, is up for grabs at the district jail, Lucknow.

Looking forward to prospective buyers, and looking up for support of the jail authorities, is Chhutkau, a murder convict who is also facing trial in another case. His version of the story is that he has been compelled to sell smack by jail official Siddharth.

It’s a unique case in which an undertrial has complained to top jail administration and appealed to them to save him from a jail official who is allegedly demanding money for adulterated smack which other undertrials are refusing to buy.

In his letter to DIG Jails, Human Rights Commission, the convict, wrote that he had been given 50 grams of smack by deputy circle officer Siddharth in February this year with instructions to sell it amongst the undertrials. He demanded Rs 20,000 for the same. The smack was of good quality, so addicts purchased it with out any hardselling. He handed the proceeds of the sale to the official who in turn gave him a commission of Rs 3,500.

Encouraged by the quick spin of money, the official gave him 100 grams of smack in May and this time he demanded Rs 50,000.

Moreover, the smack supplied this time was not pure and the undertrials, on finding it ‘adulterated’ with white powder, refused to purchase. The unsold powder is in possession of the convict.

Chhutkau told this correspondent that he was ready to hand it over to any senior jail authority on condition that a probe followed the recovery. He further said that when he reported the matter to the jailor, the latter did nothing about it and the official in turn thrashed him badly. It was on Saturday that the convict narrated the matter to DIG Jails who had gone there for a check up.

Chhutkau said smack worth over Rs 50,000 is sold in the jail every month with the help of some jail officials.

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