Dirty runs the water through Ashiana taps

  • ANUPAM Srivastava
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  • Updated: Jul 19, 2006 00:02 IST

NEARLY A dozen people in Ashiana sector J took ill after consuming foul smelling water supplied by the colonisers.

They suffered a severe bout of diarrhoea, fever and gastroenteritis.

Residents said they had complained about a week ago to the Ashiana estates manager about contaminated water being supplied in their area but no action was taken.

Residents of sector J claim that water running in their taps smelt of sewer water. “Due to no maintenance or repair of water lines on a regular basis, filthy sewer water is mixing with clean water. The pipeline for water supply passes by the nullah in the area,” complained a resident.

“There was no response to our complaint lodged with the manager at the coloniser’s office,” said Deepa Rodrigues another resident of the area.

She added, “Residents of the area are going through hell. Five members of our family are do-wn with fever. Even water purifiers have failed to clean the water being supplied to us.”

Another resident, Shashi, said, “More than 12 people in the colony are suffering gastro ailments and more than 20 are down with related complaints. Who is going to pay for our health problems?” he  asked, adding, “We are middle-class people and cannot purchase mineral water forever ”.

Refuting charges of the residents, Ashiana Estates Manager Atul Shukla said, “The matter was reported today, not a week ago. We started to repair the water line immediately after receiving the complaint. Due to overflow of the nullah water, it is possibile that some foul water contaminated the water supplied to homes. We have pressed into service pumps for removal of dirty water near the pipeline and the supply would be normal by evening. We always act on complaints as and when we receive them.”

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