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  • Updated: Sep 12, 2006 00:17 IST

FORMER AND present Loreto Convent students have bombarded www.orkut.com with angry reactions to the alleged occult session in the college and subsequent vandalism by Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha activists on Sunday.

Alisha writes, “I am a Christian. But, I don’t believe in these rubbish things. If u believe in God, it’s more than enough. What is the need of such practices. Media and the BJP party have made it such a big issue. Girls, I think we should do something about it.”

Defending principal Monica, a student Karishma writes, “She was right. She had no wrong intentions. Maybe, she could have informed before hand. It was just to increase our faith in God, nothing beyond it.”

Alvarine, another Loreto student, scribbles, “This kind of thing is unacceptable. Schools should not be conducting such sessions. Children are emotionally vulnerable. I hope some action is taken against the principal.”

Neha, a former student of LC, writes, “I feel thoroughly disgusted seeing what’s going on. Something like this could have been done in the Church on Sunday, but definitely not in a ‘special college assembly!”

A student who attended the session writes, “Hi! I was present there too. It’s true that 2-3 girls fainted… because of suffocation  and heat. The sister shouldn’t have let such congregations take place in the school.”

A former student of LC Shefali writes, “what is going on out here? Is LC trying to become the laughing stock or what?”

There are more comments like that, “Why aren’t the parents protesting. Please guys, whoever is still studying there, ask your parents to step up! Do something”

Another comment says, “Hey...I’m a Loretoite, Class 10. I attended that programme. It was really stupid… some girls were a bit scared...but nobody fainted. Me and my friends were laughing at the whole thing!”

A student on the forum writes, “I am shocked! We seem to be moving backwards. I think the Sister owes us an explanation for subjecting our school to 16th century mumbo jumbo!”

Former LC student Shweta writes: “It’s a black mark on Loreto’s name. The principal should understand it that she can’t do whatever she wants in our school. She is just an administrative professional. I’ll be happy to treat her for psychiatric problems.”

Ana writes, “Media calls Loreto as Andhwishwas Ki Pathshala’. What a shame! We got to do something.”

Richa scribbles, “What’s going on in LC? Absolute nonsense!

Good that the parents and people are protesting. Sister Monica deserves it.” Ashima writes, “I can’t believe this is Loreto... take her back where she came from.”

Swati flays the demonstrators, “How can one justify destroying the school property?  True, that what happened in the hall was not correct, but this is no way to protest.”


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