This deaf & dumb artist communicates through his art

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  • Updated: Sep 19, 2006 00:03 IST

He communicates through his art and the colourful strokes on the canvas speak volumes for him. Any kind of commotion fails to penetrate the calm and peaceful realm of this artist as he is deaf and dumb.

Ram Raghubir Mishra, the talented artist, creates what his eyes perceive and his heart approve.

This 28-year-old painter climbed the ladder of success after going through many ups and downs in his life.

He was 11-month-old when he lost his ability to hear after he was administered the double dose of a particular medicine to cure his fever.

"Although the doctor had warned earlier but we were not ready for this tragedy. I took him to the best hospitals for treatment but nothing positive came out of it.

Finally, I took the certificate of  'deaf and dumb' from Medical College," said his father Ram Krishna Mishra.

Ram found it very difficult to stay at home while his sister was sent to school.
]But he too was admitted afterwards and his intelligence helped him to complete High School and Intermediate from UP Board. He is very good in solving mathematical problems.

"Ram started painting at the age of eight years and after acknowledging his inclination towards art, he was admitted in Delhi College of Fine Arts from where he competed his BFA and MFA," said his father.

This artist is very close to his elder sisters--Savitri Pandey and Shubh Manjari Mishra--as they are witness to his gradual evolution as an artist.

Ram is also good in clay modelling and his creations have won him many medals and certificates.

His painting exhibition organised at Ravindralaya, Lucknow, in 2005 was inaugurated by VP Singh in which he made a painting based on Singh's poem.

Ram has painted approximately 8,500 paintings till now which include 550 paintings done in water colour and oil paint and the rest are pencil sketches.

He is a strong believer in realistic paintings.

Through the use of sign language he said that the ghats of Varanasi always beckon him to paint something new.

His favourite colours are green, blue and yellow and he avoids black as he feels that it is associated with depression.

Of course, he has no place for any negative thoughts in his life as positive thinking has taken him to places.

Most of his paintings are based on human relations and nature. Snake charmer, mukti marg, father and son, kites, tribal with his son are few of his appreciated works.

Often it is hard for the art lovers to resist buying his paintings and most of them have been sold out. He is based at Delhi and busy creating for his forthcoming exhibition which will be held at North Central Zone Cultural Centre here on
September 24.


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