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GM Core R Mohandoss

What are your priority areas?

I never compromise with quality of the work and thus my priority is to ensure that the work done by the CORE is of excellent quality. Presently, we are focusing on the project sanctioned by the Railway Board, where 360 route kilometre (RKM) is to be electrified in 2006-2007. The work covers the sections of Najibabad-Harthala, Lucknow-Dilawarnagar, Cuttack-Raghunathpur, Talcher-Angul, Krishnagar-Debagram, Tirupati-Palaka-Katpadi and Bangalore suburban area. In a bid to complete the work by March 2007, the staff and the field project officers are making all possible efforts.

Is there any work under execution in the NCR?

In NCR both the trunk routes that is Tughlakabad-Mathura, Agra-Gwalior, Jhansi-Bina and Ghaziabad-Tundla-Kanpur-Allahabad-Mughalsarai are already electrified. However, the branch lines including Manikpur-Allahabad, Jhansi-Bhimsen and Banda-Bhimsen have not so far been proposed for electrification based on the traffic density and need. Thus, at present no electrification works are in progress in the NCR.

What are the ongoing works of the CORE?

We are making efforts to electrify the sections covering Saharanpur-Moradabad, Moradabad-Lucknow-Utraitia, Mughalsarai-Sultanpur-Utraitia, Bina-Kota, Andal-Ukhra-Pandabeswar, Krishnanagar-Lalgola and many other sections.

What are the other major projects?

The staff is committed to complete the work of electrifying a total of 2085 RKM in the entire Indian Railways and the work has already been sanctioned by the Railway Board.

What are your major achievements ?

The CORE, Allahabad has been streamlined and the working methods of the organisation have been made more effective. Besides, efforts have also been made to make proper allocation of funds to field units and to have close budgetary monitoring. In addition to this, the section of Saharanpur-Lakshar (Northern Railway), Kottayam-Kayankulam (Southern Railway), Ballapalle-Pullampeta (South Central Railway) have been opened to electric train services.


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