Advani hints at Congress-led govt in J& K

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  • Updated: Oct 23, 2002 21:28 IST

In an indication that a minority Congress-led government could be formed in Jammu and Kashmir soon, Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani on Wednesday said that a party "reasonably near majority" could be invited to form the next government in the state.

"In a hung assembly, when no one has got a majority, anyone coming reasonably near majority, can be called", he told reporters on board an Indian Air Force aircraft on the way to Ahmedabad from Delhi.

He, however made it clear that the governor has to decide the issue. "It all depends on the judgement of the governor," he said.

Advani said in such situations, the place of proving majority is not Raj Bhawan but the state assembly.

His comments assume significance as it came a day after Congress gave clear hints of taking claim to power in J&K without the support of PDP which has taken a stong stand on Chief Ministership for itself.

The 20-member Congress in a house of 87 also claims support of majority of about 15 independents and 6 other MLAs belonging to Panthers Party and CPM. 

Replying to a question, Advani said, it was not an easy task to provide a stable government in the state in view of the "fragmented assembly".

He said, since an election has taken place, a government should also be in place. The current spell of Governor's rule has been "forced" on the Governor, he said. He said, whoever forms the new government, there would not be any hitch in tackling the problem of terrorism as it would be dealt jointly by the state and the centre.


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