Al-Bukhara, Noida

  • 11 a.m. to 12 midnight, PTI, No
  • |
  • Updated: Aug 10, 2004 15:58 IST

Home Delivery: Yes, within Noida. Minimum Order: Rs 200.

Parking On Weekdays/Weekends: Ample.

The restaurant claims executives comprise the bulk of its clientele, but by the looks of it, it is more likely that this is a watering hole for the middle segment. And the most popular dishes on the menu – Afghani Chicken, Mutton Seekh Kebab and Chicken Tikka – are just the kind of nourishment you’d want with your liquid intake. Good for male bonding; definitely not a family restaurant.

Food 4
Meal for Two: Rs 150-200

AC: Yes


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