Kutch: Triumph of the Spirit

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  • Updated: Feb 17, 2004 11:26 IST

Triumph of the Spirit
Randhir Khare

Travel, Soicology
Pages: 298
Price: Rs 495
ISBN: 81-291-0306-0

This book is not about the earthquake that wrecked the region of Kutch in 2001. Nor is it an activist's investigation into what happened after the disaster. Kutchi history is fraught with unimaginable disasters ... earthquakes, droughts, famines, invasions by rats, locusts, giant black ants, floods, the plague, invasions by warlords and oppression under successive rulers. The recent earthquake was another occurrence of disaster that the people have had to bear with.

Instead this is a story of people living in a region that is perpetually in a state of flux and change, with patience, inventiveness, inclusiveness and a courageous openness to life.


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