My work with NGO Maitri made me decide on making Market: Manisha Koirala

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  • Updated: Aug 06, 2004 13:14 IST

rohit: Which movie are you currently shooting for?
Manisha_Koirala: Paisa Vasool

laughingbuddha: What's your new film, Market, about?
Manisha_Koirala: In Market, I play the role of a sex worker. It's a movie about exploitation of women in the flesh trade.

sheetalmal: What inspired you to do Market?
Manisha_Koirala: I had been working with Maitri and other NGOs. My experience helped me realize the plight of women who are lured into prostitution. By interacting with them, I know what they go through. When I saw the script of Market, I decided to take it up.

huck_finn2: You have been taking up challenging roles, like the ones in Market, Escape from Taliban, etc. Any particular reason for selecting such roles?
Manisha_Koirala: These roles are more challenging for an actress.

smita: How different is your role in Market from your earlier performances?
Manisha_Koirala: As I said I play the role of a prostitute. It's based on true story of a 16-year old girl who is married off to a Sheikh who exploits her for four days and then divorces her. After that, she leads a different life.

supari: Can you tell us about your home production, Paisa Vasool?
Manisha_Koirala: Paisa Vasool is a comic thriller. In the movie I run a bakery. Sushmita is an aspiring actress who comes to Mumbai. In one of the sequences, we meet each other. I am in search of a company and requests Sushmita to be with her.

For a film I am both the producer as well as an actress, which makes it two roles in real life as well. Today we are shooting the climax. We plan to have the shooting completed by 17th. On 15th we are picturizing a song at the Gateway of India, and on 17th we are doing an item number with Rakhi Sawant. We hope to have the movie released in November.

lucifer: What 'homework' are you doing to play the role of Indira Gandhi?
Manisha_Koirala: A lot, actually. I have been reading many books on her. I also have been watching some footage on her, which runs into 300 hours in order to rightly project her body language.

rahul_bhatia_scb: How was the experience of being a producer of Paisa Vasool?
Manisha_Koirala: It's a different challenge by itself. I am both acting in the movie and producing it. Producer and the actors have different roles to play and I have tried to perform well in both.

vikramgupta_2001: Which do you like more - production or acting?
Manisha_Koirala: Both are quite different from each other and require a lot of hard work. And I am enjoying both.

rahul_bhatia_scb: Tell us about your forthcoming film Paisa Wasooli? Is it like a typical Hindi masala film based on underworld and 'goonda'ism?
Manisha_Koirala: It's Paisa Vasool and not Wasooli! Moreover, it's a comic thriller.

dude555: How come you chose to act in a movie like Market?
Manisha_Koirala: I had seen and read about the plight of the girls who are forced into prostitution. When I saw the script, I decided to take it up.

spalleti: Are there any new kind of movies which you would like to part of in the future?
Manisha_Koirala: I will prefer movies with stronger and different storylines and more challenging roles, rather than clichéd roles.

faltoo: How do you think Market will fare in the box office?
Manisha_Koirala: I think it's a very good film and I have worked hard for it. I hope audience like it.

dude555: You bagan as a Bollywood actress. Then you turned a producer. What next? Politics?
Manisha_Koirala: I will be concentrating on production and acting for a while. I am rediscovering myself as an actress and production is something that is new to me.

ritika: How are you faring as a producer?
Manisha_Koirala: I have appointed some very good people to look after various roles. I just look into everything and step in when things aren't going right.

rahul_bhatia_scb: Do you think your paisa will be vasooled from your film Paisa Vasool? I mean how are your expectations from the film?
Manisha_Koirala: Yes, definitely. It's a different film and I think paisa will be vasooled.

havisha: I heard you recently had an accident. What happened?
Manisha_Koirala: That was few months back. I fell off a horse while shooting for Paisa Vasool and had a hairline fracture in my back. I couldn't shoot for few months.

bobthesatan: There has been a controversy regarding you performing the role of Mrs. Gandhi since you are also enacting the role of a sex worker in a different film? Do you think an actor should confine to a given image?
Manisha_Koirala: As an actress, I am supposed to enact the role that I am supposed to play. I think I have prepared well and enacted the role in the way it was desired. While we lend a lot to a role, I think, we are just actors. Just playing a role does not change us. I certainly cannot match up to Indira Gandhi.

vikramgupta_2001: Why did you choose to get into production rather than continuing with acting?
Manisha_Koirala: I am doing both. As an actress, I can just choose from the roles that come to me. As a producer, I can get to make new projects.


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