'What we ought to teach'

  • Seema Sharma (Clinical psychologist), PTI
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  • Updated: Apr 27, 2005 20:24 IST

During many of my deliberations, seminars and talks for students and their parents, I have invariably been asked this question at least by one audience, that how can my child get higher marks in exams? I am seldom asked the question which I expect to be asked at least by one audience and that is how they can improve their child’s efficiency in performance.

We should introduce the concept of ‘NISHKAAM KARMA’ as early as possible in a child’s life. Understood simply, it means that the focus of attention would be the effort and not the reward. What happens when we do it? To understand it well we do a bit of reverse analysis. What contributes to a good result/outcome ? The answer would be that a good outcome is directly proportional to efficient and effective effort plus a bit of luck , i.e. , GO= E3 + SOME LUCK.

If the above said equation is interpreted it says that ‘good outcome’ is a dependent variable and ‘some luck’ is a random variable. The only variable which can be manipulated or titrated is ‘E3’, that is efficient, effective effort.      

Psychologically speaking, everytime we do something meticulousely, effectively and sensibly, we feel nice and satisfied. And each satisfaction adds to our courage to face challenges. Self esteem is high resultantly. Whenever we face a testing situation with these features luck seems to be favouring and the outcome is good.

So, parents and teachers should strive to develop faculties and aptitudes necessary to inculcate efficiency and effectiveness in a child’s functioning. This will benefit them in more than one ways. They will know how to qualify for quality rather than knowing only to qualify for exams. They will be better prepared to handle unexpected situations as they would have the expertise. This will make them mature individuals with strong hearts and strong commitments towards quality.They only can contribute towards a better future. No shotcuts will ever be of any benefit.


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