Know the bra-gaining powers of men!

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  • Updated: Apr 28, 2006 17:39 IST

It's true — a pretty woman not only has the ability to turn a man's head, but she can also make a macho male lose his bargaining skills.

Researchers at the University of Leuven in Belgium found that though men with high testosterone levels drive the hardest bargains, all their skills are redun dant if they get an eyeful of babes in bikinis. They become more prone to accepting a poorer deal. Something as simple as even handling a bra is enough to sap their resolve.

Researchers say that these findings might help to explain why advertisers use sexy women in their ads, since the study shows that when faced with an attractive woman, men just don’t bargain for a better deal.

"Commercials and advertisements are populated with beautiful and sexy women, but the consequences on cognitive processes of males had not been fully investigated," says re searcher Van den Bergh. He also adds that, "Men become more economically rational after exposure to lingerie or sexy women." Testosterone can be measured by comparing the lengths of the index and ring fingers — a relatively long ring finger is a sign of a hightestosterone man.


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