Ghaziabad: Four decades on, Sector 3, Rajendra Nagar has bagful of woes

  • Ashni Dhaor, Hindustan Times, Ghaziabad
  • Updated: Jul 18, 2016 13:21 IST
Residents of Sector 3, Rajendra Nagar complain that open garbage dumps, erratic and poor quality water supply, and sewage overflow have been issues that they have been facing for the past four decades. (Sunil Ghosh/HT Photo)

Established in 1972, Sector 3 of Rajendra Nagar is still plagued by various civic issues. Residents complain that open garbage dumps, erratic and poor quality water supply, and sewage overflow have been issues that they have been facing for the past four decades.

The sector came up over individual plotted settlements which were allotted by Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA). By 1974, residents started moving here. The sector is divided into four plots -- 8,9, 10 and 11-- that has 400 plots each. Most of the plots are converted into independent houses (small bungalows) constructed by residents.

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With a population of more than 6,000 residents, the sector does not have any government facility except a GDA market. The area is just 2km from the Delhi-Ghaziabad border.

Irregular and unfit supply of water

Residents of the sector complained that in the past few years, the level of groundwater in the area has gone down resulting in a scarcity.

“Each house in the sector has a borewell with submersible pumps to extract groundwater as the water supplied by the water department is inadequate and irregular,” said RP Gautam, president of Sector 3, Rajendra Nagar residents’ welfare association (RWA).

A resident shows the muddy tap water supplied to their houses. (Sunil Ghosh/HT Photo)

Residents also complained about the quality of water supplied to them by the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC).

“Water supply to houses is always muddy. We have complained about this to GMC officials several times but no action has been taken so far,” Gautam said.

Officials said this could be a result of water pipelines developing leaks.

“Water pipelines must have developed leaks because of which, sometimes, the supply is muddy. We will get this checked and repaired soon,” said RK Yadav, GMC’s executive engineer, water works department.

Sewer overflow and choked stormwater drains

Streets of Sector 3, Rajendra Nagar, get inundated with over flowing sewage even after short spells of rain, residents claimed.

“All sewer lines in the area are choked for the past many years. During the monsoon, we also have sewage backflow in our bathrooms and kitchens. The entire house end up with a stink,” said RC Bansal, a resident of sector 3, Rajendra Nagar.

Residents also complained that stormwater drains are choked.

“After every shower in the area, the streets turn into a pool with knee-deep water. Stormwater drains are filled with garbage which needs to be cleaned,” Bansal said.

Officials said drains are being cleaned. As far as overflow is concerned, sewage is drained out whenever there is a complaint, they said.

“After receiving residents’ complaints, super sucker machines are sent to drain the overflow. Meanwhile, cleaning of stormwater drains is in the process,” said Dr RK Yadav, GMC’s city health officer.

Open garbage dump

Residents said open garbage dumps have become a common sight in the sector

“Garbage is picked up only once a week. Overflowing bins are not just an eyesore but also a source of diseases. We have complained to the authorities to get more bins installed in the sector but to no avail,” said Jaipal Kasana, a member of Sector 3, Rajendra Nagar RWA.

Officials said the issue will be resolved.

“Garbage will be cleaned from the area soon. Garbage bins are allotted to each area according to its population. More garbage bins can only be provided after meetings with senior officials,” Dr Yadav said.

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