Ghaziabad raises funds to help out city’s only woman auto driver

  • Ashni Dhaor, Hindustan Times, Ghaziabad
  • Updated: Jan 26, 2016 11:39 IST
Residents raised funds to help the Ghaziabad’s only woman auto-rickshaw driver whose vehicles were burnt down by a miscreant earlier this month. (Sakib Ali/HT Photo)

Residents of Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram have raised funds to help the city’s only woman auto-rickshaw driver whose vehicles were burnt down by a miscreant earlier this month.

On January 6, a drunk man had started a fire at Sudampuri area of Vijay Nagar, which burnt down the two auto-rickshaws that were Singhal’s only means of livelihood. Singhal has since been renting other auto-rickshaws to support her family but the money earned is not enough.

After reports of the incident, the Federation of Apartment Owner’s Association (Fed AOA) decided to raise Rs 1 lakh for Singhal on January 12.

“We have managed to raise Rs 51,000 for her as of now which we will be donating to her on Tuesday during Republic Day celebrations. The remaining Rs 49,000 will also be donated as and when it is raised. We will also pay a tribute to her for her never-ending courage and confidence to be the city’s only woman auto driver,” said Alok Kumar, president of Fed AOA.

He added that Singhal will have the honour of hoisting the national flag and her phone number will be distributed among all the residents so that they can call her up to use her services.

“The tragedy coupled with the extreme cold has left me in a miserable position. I am not able to meet the needs of my children as it is getting cold by the day and the younger one has fallen ill but I do not have enough money to get him to a doctor,” Singhal said.

The regional transport officer (RTO) has also promised to help Singhal.

“We have promised her that once she buys a new auto, she will not have any trouble getting an NCR permit from the transport office. It will be handed to her without any hassles,” Mayank Jyoti, RTO, Ghaziabad, said.

Singhal is now planning to buy a second-hand auto-rickshaw as soon as possible.

“I already have an amount of Rs 50,000 in my bank account. In total I will now have Rs 1 lakh with which I plan to buy an old auto as a new one costs around Rs 1,70,000,” she said.

“I am very grateful to the residents who have decided to donate such a large amount to me.”

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