Noida may use drip irrigation to save water

  • Vinod Rajput, Hindustan Times, Nodia
  • Updated: Jun 19, 2016 00:39 IST
The Noida authority spends Rs 60 lakh per month on irrigating parks and green belts in the city during peak summer. (Burhaan Kinu/HT Photo)

The Noida authority may use drip irrigation technique to water green areas in the city. The move is aimed at saving water that is wasted while using the traditional methods of irrigation.

A private Hyderabad-based agency, which waters parks in many cities including Bengaluru through the drip irrigation technique, gave a presentation to a team of Noida authority officials on Saturday. Additional chief executive officer Rajesh Prakash and some other officials attended the presentation.

“We have asked the agency to prepare a project report and come again after 10 days. The authority wants to save every drop of precious water. Since the drip irrigation technique will save water, the authority is working on this project. If the project is beneficial, it will be implemented,” said Srivastava.

According to officials, the drip method of irrigation is one in which water is directly taken to the roots of plants using a network of pipes.

“With a network of valves, pipes, emitters and narrow tubes, this method ensures that water reaches the base of the plant directly, unlike the traditional way of letting water flow through the entire park,” said Prakash.

At present, the authority spends Rs 60 lakh per month on irrigating parks and green belts during the peak summer. In winters, the spending comes down as the water need declines.

“Drip irrigation will save 30-50%. At present, we use water tankers for irrigation. Drip irrigation is a technique that saves water as water drip slowly to the roots of the plant,” said Saumya Srivastava deputy chief executive officer of the Noida authority.

The authority supplies 7, 44,000 litre water every day for irrigation of parks and other green areas in Noida.

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