Supertech project not scrapped, says Yamuna Expressway authority CEO

  • Vinod Rajput, Hindustan Times, Greater Noida
  • Updated: May 24, 2016 23:47 IST
Supertech’s Upcountry project is coming up on 100 acres in Sector 17A along the Yamuna Expressway. (Burhaan Kinu/HT Photo)

The Yamuna Expressway industrial development authority (YEIDA) on Tuesday said the media report that it has scrapped realty firm Supertech’s Upcountry project, spread across 100 acres in Sector 17A along Yamuna expressway, was false.

“We have neither cancelled the allotment of 100 acres nor taken any legal action against the realty firm. The authority on October 19, 2015, cancelled the sanctioned building layout and the completion certificate (CC) application, which was submitted on April 15, 2015. The authority had asked the realtor to submit a fresh plan and CC application,” said Arun Vir Singh, chief executive officer, YEIDA.

YEIDA clarification came on Tuesday after many buyers asked the authority why the project was scrapped.

“After CC application was cancelled, the builder approached the Uttar Pradesh industrial development department. The builder said the CC and layout were cancelled without giving him an opportunity to present his case. The builder said since the procedure of natural justice was violated, he should be heard before cancellation of CC. Now the UP government has to take a final decision,” Singh said.

YEIDA had cancelled the layout plan and CC saying the builder should get the layout and CC of some parts of the Upcountry project approved as per building bylaws 2009.

The change in bylaws in 2010 provided for more ground coverage. As per the bylaws in 2009, a builder was allowed 25% ground coverage, while the 2010 bylaw allowed a builder to go up to 40% of ground coverage.

Supertech wants its CC and layout approved as per 2010 bylaws so that it can use 40% ground coverage.

“The UP government can allow or stop the builder from using the benefits of 2010 bylaws. But, as per rule, since the 100 acres were allotted in 2009, his project should be governed by 2009 bylaws. The developer has only built a group housing project and plotted development on only 17 of the 100 acres. Therefore, he has only used 17% of the ground coverage so far, whereas he is allowed to use 25% more even as per 2009 bylaws,” said Meena Bhargava, general manager (planning), YEIDA.

Supertech has divided 100 acres project into seven phases. The builder has completed work on two phases and most of the flats and plots are sold.

“So far as building bylaws are concerned, neither the existing group housing nor plotted development of the Upcountry project will be affected. The only dispute is that whether the project should be governed by 2009 or 2010 bylaws. Buyers need not worry because the builder has not even used the ground coverage allowed for this project,” Bhargava said.

YEIDA said any allotment after January 15, 2011, will be governed by 2010 by-laws.

“The Yamuna authority had allotted me this 100 acres in 2010 so we had applied for layout and completion certificate as per 2010 bylaws. My layout and partial CC application were cancelled arbitrarily without hearing me. So I went to the UP government, which will take a final call on the issue,” said RK Arora, CMD, Supertech Group.

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