Teotia attack: 52 shots were fired on BJP leader’s cars

  • Peeyush Khandelwal, Hindustan Times, GHAZIABAD
  • Updated: Aug 24, 2016 00:12 IST
Police said that 32 rounds were fired from the AK-47, 11 from .32 calibre pistols and 7 from .30 calibre pistols. (Sakib Ali/HT)

The seven assailants who had attacked Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) leader Brijpal Teotia in a Fortuner car had fired 52 rounds on Teotia’s vehicles during the incident on August 11, the police said.

Police recovered 52 used cartridges, fired from an AK-47 and other automatic and semi-automatic pistols, from the scene of crime at Rawli Road in Murad Nagar.

Police said that 32 rounds were fired from the AK-47, 11 from .32 calibre pistols and 7 from .30 calibre pistols. Two empty cartridges, fired from other weapons, were also recovered.

Teotia’s aide Inderpal Singh, who was also injured, had said that they had also fired seven to eight rounds at the assailants. He said that the assailants had used four weapons, including the pistols and rifle.

Teotia and his aides were travelling in two Scorpio cars when they were cornered by assailants near the telephone exchange around 7.30pm on August 11. As many as 18 bullets hit Teotia’s car while 13 hit the second Scorpio.

Sources said that most of the bullets, including those from AK-47, were fired from the front side. There were no bullet marks on the side door of the front seat, where Teotia was stated to be sitting, but bullet marks were prominent on the windshield.

“We are still trying to trace the origin of the AK-47 rifle. So far, we have not come across any information of the accused borrowing the weapon from a bigger gang. We suspect that the weapons were arranged by Manish. More details will be revealed once he is nabbed,” KS Emmanuel, senior superintendent of police, Ghaziabad, said.

Manish is son of Suresh Diwan, who was murdered in Delhi in 1999. He attacked Teotia as he had been named in the FIR. However, Teotia’s name was later cleared by the police.

So, far police recovered an AK-47, with a damaged serial number, and two pistols from a cricket bag left behind by two fleeing assailants. Two more pistols were recovered from the Gaurav and Abhishek, who were arrested on August 19. A total of six suspects have been arrested so far and a reward of `15,000 each was declared on the five absconding suspects.

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