Truck drivers go on strike, factory work comes to halt

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Oct 02, 2015 01:36 IST
Industries suffered as Noida transporters joined the strike. (HT file photo)

More than 7,000 factories located in Noida were hit by the nationwide strike of transporters, in which the owners of trucks, tempos and containers, based in Noida, also actively participated.

The works in factories were stalled and workers sat idle for hours. Product supplies from factories to the end destinations were badly disturbed.

“The transportation of raw materials, which were supposed to reach my factory on Thursday, was hampered and that affected the system and machines. I guess most of the factory owners were worried because of transporters’ strike,” said Harish Joneja, secretary of the Noida Entrepreneurs Associations (NEA), which represents all city-based factories.

“We are helpless as we are totally dependent on these transporters for supply of goods and raw materials,” Joneja said.

The NEA will assess the damage of loss soon, after a meeting with its members, scheduled to be held within the next two days.

All India motor transport congress (AIMTC) had called for the strike, demanding immediate removal of toll barriers. Earlier, the AIMTC had held a meeting with the government, but the talks ended in failure.

“The toll barriers are the root of corruption. We want the government to remove these toll barriers to make system more transparent,” said Navin Gupta, general secretary of AIMTC.

Earlier, Nitin Gadkari, the Union road transport and highways minister, had offered to set up electronic-toll system pan-India that would be applicable from December, in a bid to address transporters’ concerns.

However, Gadkari had denied the removal of tolls. “Electronic toll system is not the solution to the problem,” said Bhim Wadhwa, the president of AIMTC. Wadhwa said that the proposed system was a poor concept.

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