Water rates hiked in Greater Noida

  • Vinod Rajput, Hindustan Times, Greater Noida
  • Updated: Apr 02, 2016 00:14 IST
Residents will have to pay 10% more now. (Sakib Ali/Hindustan Times)

The Greater Noida authority on Friday imposed a 10% hike on drinking water charges effective from April 1.

“We have increased drinking water charges in all categories up to 10%, effective from April 1. Consumers in all categories – residential, industrial, commercial and institutional – will have to pay 10% more than what they were paying before April 1,” said Deepak Agarwal, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Greater Noida authority.

The authority said that it has approved the hike as it spends `40 crore annually on supplying drinking water and recovers only `10 crore in return. It has 40,000 consumers in residential areas and 5,000 in industrial, institutional and commercial areas.

At present, the Noida authority charges `150 per month for plots from 51 to 100 square metres (sqm) in size while the Greater Noida authority charges `73 per month for plots up to 60 sqm and `121 for plots from 61 sqm to 120 sqm.

Residents have expressed unhappiness with the hike as they don’t get the promised 24-hours drinking water supply.

“Water pressure in Greater Noida is very low. The water does not even reach the second floor. We object to the hike because the authority’s services are not what they had promised. In 1998, they had promised 24-hour water supply. If they improve the supply, I am ready to pay more,” said Alok Singh, former vice-president of residents’ welfare association of Alpha-I sector.

Apart from the price rise, the Greater Noida authority has also decided to install water metres in each household to prevent wastage of drinking water.

“We are completing formalities for installation of water meters. We want to install meters so that those who waste water can be made to pay for the same. Some residents use drinking water to wash cars, mop floors and clean the roads in front of their houses as they think they don’t need to pay for it,” said a Greater Noida authority official.

Installation of the meters is scheduled to be done in the next six months.

“We aim to install water meters in a 1,000 buildings first. To begin with, we will install meters for bulk consumers like realtors who need water for group housing projects and industrial use. Later we will move to other consumers,” said Agarwal.

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In 2014, Greater Noida had first time increased water charges up to 10 percent in 2014

In 2015 too Greater Noida hiked water rates up to 10 percent

This is third hike of 10 percent on water rates

Greater Noida was established in 1990

Greater Noida saw no hike in water charges till before 2014

Water is supplied in evening from 6 am to 9 am

In morning water is supplied from 6 pm to 9 pm

Residents complain of low pressure

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