A journey of the mind

Title: A Moment for the Mind
Publisher: Amber Books
Author: Poonam Srivastava
Price: Rs. 195

The book is an unstructured flow of thoughts that can come to any human mind during various stages of life.

In fact, the introduction says that the 108 verses represent different levels of consciousness. Though the author seems confused in parts — one section says external projection (referring to fashion) is very important, while another goes on to say that it is the inner soul that should always be harmonious.

She gives vent to myriad instances where she goes on a voyage of self-discovery and doesn’t care about what other people call her but just wants to be left alone.

Experimenting with a new style of narration that has yet to find takers in India, this book may be a good option for one who wants to explore his or her own personal thoughts. However, it’s not something a layman can relate to.


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