Believe in action

We promise so many things, but hardly translate them into action. The ratio between our thoughts/promises and actions is quite huge. And we don’t care.

Recently, I was travelling from Allahabad to New Delhi by night train along with my family. My wife and myself were allotted upper births. As my wife has quite a bulky body, the upper birth was highly inconvenient for her.

I tried hard for a change. On the lower birth, there was gentleman, a senior citizen, with grey hair and beards; so I could not dare ask him for any favour. On the adjacent lower birth, I found a healthy middle-aged person in police uniform. I requested him politely for exchange of berths. But all in vain. The gentleman gave no answer to me. He kept silent with no emotion on his face.

At last, my wife was struggling hard to occupy her upper birth when suddenly we heard a voice: “Mrs. Srivastav, I cannot see you on the upper birth. Please take my birth. I am going to occupy the upper one.” That was the old gentleman, glowing with his gesture of sacrifice. I saw the stout gentleman in Khaki sitting pretty on his lower birth. What a contrast of human nature and behaviour. We thanked a lot to the gentleman who offered his lower birth to my wife.

We all enjoyed the night journey. Next morning, we all got up and finished our morning routine. Slowly, the train was moving towards New Delhi station. We noticed the gentleman on the lower birth in Khaki was loudly chanting ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ — verses in the praise of Lord Hanuman. Perhaps he forgot to realise that Lord Hanuman was had very high respect and regard for Sitaji — the symbol of Indian womanhood.

No need to be in a dilemma whom to call the real devotee of Hanumanji — the person who chanted the Hanuman Chalisa very loudly or the person without any such chanting but having great honour and respect for  a lady through his  actions.


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