Have the right track

We meet all kinds of people, good or bad, in our daily life. Our parents always reiterate that character is built through friends and they always leave a mark on you. And, one’s surroundings too always have a definite impact on you.

And yet, some of us believe that no one can influence us till the time we want. But, at times, one sees everything slipping out of control; and it all proves to be a big illusion.

In my own life, I had to put up with all kinds of people--- frustrated, irritated, confused, and good and focused. After spending time with a frustrated person, I felt the same after a while.  Similarly, after being with a confused friend, I lost my own clarity and focus. And that taught me the lesson of my life.

Very soon I realised that even if we didn’t pay heed to our surroundings, they always played a major part in shaping our personality. There is no need, however, to cut down on the number of friends. You must instead spend more time with the people who matter. Then, the surroundings will motivate you and make you believe that with courage and positivity, you can be at a better place than where you are right now.

I noticed that even spending just 10 minutes with a focused person, one would feel much better and clear. I did help my friends when they needed me but was now selective of influence. Spending your time with happy, jovial, wise and knowledgeable individuals is always a better option. It also helps you achieve your goal faster.

Believe that you are born to make a difference and that you can and will do it. This kind of positive vibes will pump you with courage and confidence to counter higher levels of difficulties; and that would also raise your bar a notch higher. And that is the time you are on the right track; and the time to celebrate life and be happy!


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