Rough cut

I think director Madhur Bhandarkar has been very unfair to Aishwarya by shelving a film starring her just because she is pregnant.

Let’s face it, people go to see her films to see her face, not her acting. So who wants to see a podgy pageant queen?
But I don’t see the same standards applied to male stars when they turn up blotto...

Yes, but then they do sober up the next day while the lady is not going to be herself for quite a while.

Madhur could have rewritten the script in true Hindi film style in which the ageing actress played by Aishwarya suffers from an eating disorder which
makes her fat.

I suppose you will then say that in the end she will realise that it’s not cheeseburgers alone that are making her put on weight but the fact that she was pregnant and was eating for two.

I can think of many permutations and combinations in which both Aishwarya and Madhur could have come out smelling of roses.

You could be on to something here. Maybe, the film could show a portly Ash and in the end it could be revealed that actually all along it was Govinda in drag. Though I don’t think Ghulam Nabi Azad would appreciate this.

Do say: She's got a real body of work.
Don't say: Mum's the word.


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