Silence audible

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  • Updated: Feb 29, 2012 23:11 IST

[Quietly watching the Oscars-winning silent movie, The Artist, at a theatre]

[Offering popcorn even as he munches silently]

[Nods his head to say he doesn’t want popcorn. Wonders whether Ludovic Bourse’s soundtrack in the film breaks its tag of being a ‘silent movie’]

[Gets startled by his mobile phone lighting up. It is on silent but people sitting near him stare at him for the ‘inconsideration’.]

[Watches leading man Jean Dujardin embrace Bérénice Bejo who plays his love interest and starts wondering whether there can be a Bollywood silent movie starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor.]

[Not having to follow any dialogue, he has nodded off]

[Elbows his dozing companion awake, who let’s out a silent irritated shout not heard by anyone.]

[Falls asleep again, only to wake up and nod as credits roll.]

[Also falls asleep, only to wake up and make one-handed applause while standing up.]Do say: [Nothing].

Don’t say: Apparently they fired Kader Khan who was the dialog-ue-writer as he sucked big-time.


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