The Dialogue

Oh blimey, even you’re here working on a bank holiday!

Cor, tell me about it. I had to cancel my holiday to Ibiza I had planned with the missus because of this bloody meeting.

What kind of chap is this Tata, anyway? Those Patels are far nicer. They have all those holidays and bonuses. I even got a nice present from Harro’s during Diwali in my old job.

Where was that?

A catering company for weddings in Doncaster, Hull and other places full of posh Indians.

Aah. The good old days. This one’s a different fish.

Yes, he doesn’t have family so he’s got no idea of the British way of life!

[Lifting his trouser bottom] So you have this attached too?

Yes, the radio tag around the ankle. Sigh.

[Both stand up] Good morning, sir! Get you some nice, steaming Darjeeling?

Do say: I’m going to India to get a decent job now.

Don’t say: Down with Indian neo-imperialism!


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