The power of prayer

My heart is filled with gratitude when I recollect how life had evolved me. It still has much more to teach. The best lesson I’ve learnt is that prayer is very powerful. There is nothing like it. It works wonderfully well.

I had an experience that had changed me to the marrow. It was an early morning and I was walking on the road when an angry bull came running from behind. I fumed and fumbled out of fear and fell down on some cutout stones lying scattered on one side of the road. At once I felt a biting prick in my right hand. The joint at the root of my middle finger had got a severe cut. It was bleeding.

Instead of going to college to teach, I had to go to the hospital. The painful stitches and the white dressing above the medicated wound made my heart sink. Though I started going to college after a few days, it was difficult for me to mark the attendance of my students with my right hand. The experience once again reminded me of my father who had taught me to write with my right hand, though I used to be a left-hander by birth.

This made me realise that when all other efforts fail, God alone stands as a solid support. And to seek His support, prayer alone works wonders. My consistent regular prayers ultimately bore fruit. When I started writing with my left hand, my real self came forward giving me insights, and intuitive leads.

When my wound was cured, I found myself writing with both the hands. What a surprise! Both the writings were exactly similar.

But I am not a natural ambidextrous but a self-made ambidextrous. My father had played a great role in making me so. Now I laud the power of prayer. Had it not been so, I wouldn’t have succeeded in writing with both the hands. The bull had injured my one hand. But prayer got both of my hands graced by the Almighty Father!


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