Love elixir of life

If there is one thing that makes life worth living, it is love. On the physical plane, a juggernaut of forces and factors determine the balanced or compulsively imbalanced continuity of the goings-on in the cosmos. But isn’t it love that invigorates all creatures.

Keeping the meander of ego aside, ponder over Maulana Jalauddin Rumi’s beautiful words, “If I love myself, I love you. If I love you, I love myself.”

The gods too crave for a devotee’s outpouring of love, unquestioning surrender and overflowing affection, very much like a devotee who longs for divine love. What we seem to follow like a shadow is the belief that is essentially of two types — conditional and unconditional.

Conditional love entails the coming together of a set of criteria to be fulfilled, for it to blossom on the buds of emotions. The criteria include promises, expectations, emotional pre-requisites, desires and sobering sacrifices by one or the other individual. It pieces together conditions, agreements and demands between loving individuals.

Unconditional love stands at a higher level. Ideally, love between parents and children should be unconditional. But changing times and the engaging hand of Karma have diluted the rich essence to a concoction settled between conditional love and profound attachment.

Pure love manifests itself in an individual’s thought, every spoken word and each shade of nature revealing the nuances of life to him or her.  Love keeps the spark of life alive, becomes a harbinger of emancipation and communicates the strength of unknown forces hidden within us.

At the same time, attachment itself may be undesirable, replete as our scriptures are with the message for awakened detachment.

Although flashes of love, ego, affection, even obsession, sparkle in the stories of life in both plant and animal kingdoms, though not completely unconditional, human beings should strive hard. We need to abstain from violence in thought and deed to make the best of loving rain’s benevolence on a peace-parched, earth. Only then life’s purpose will be served.


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