The five mantras of life

Most of us are chaotic and have confused lifestyle. We are so entangled in our worldly web that we have lost the sense to see and understand ourselves.

Let me remind this can be reversed if one follows the following steps:

Parents: God is mother. God is father. Charity begins at home.  As you are reading this article, the first effort put in by someone to make it happen for you is your parents without whom your presence and upbringing wouldn’t have been possible at all. Worship them. Obey them. Love them. Honour them.

Guru: Your guru is the second mantra of your life. Without a catalogue, an expensive machine can be useless. Similarly, without the right guidelines, such an invaluable life can be entirely wasted.   Identify your true Guru with your insight vision.  A guru does not necessarily have to be in person; knowledge from Holy books is equally good.

Religion: There is no bigger religion then devoting yourself to your guru and parents. I find most religious people merely following rituals. Religion is just a vehicle to transport and elevate your soul to unite with the Creator. All religions truly serve the purpose of uniting soul with God.

Work: Earn your daily bread. Don’t steal it. And don’t just get lost in your earnings so that you don’t forget your parents and guru. It is because of them that you are here, and they have shown you this path. They have helped you connect your soul with its Creator so that you are in bliss.

And, also remember, you don’t know anything about life after death; so forget of a place called heaven or hell up there. Life is all about here and now.

Friends and society: Nobody wants you to get to the top of a mountain and stay aloof up there. All that is needed of you is that you lead a way of life that not only helps you but others as well. You are an essential part of your society; make it peaceful and progressive.


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