The power of love

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  • Updated: Aug 23, 2012 23:17 IST

Sufi poet Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana wrote: “Rahiman dhaga prem ka mat todo chatkai; tute se fir na jude, jude gaanth par jai.” (Do not snap the tender thread of love; once snapped, it will not rejoin and even if the ends are tied, a knot would remain.)

Indeed, a very keen observation on life and love. We often tend to let our ego get hold of our better judgment and say or do things we later regret, as relationships are damaged.

We have this lovely story telling us the Buddha once met dreaded dacoit Angulimal who wore a string carrying the fingers of his victims, his heart was filled with compassion. He asked Angulimal why he did what he did. The dacoit replied proudly no one ever loved him and all hated him. He was so angry that he decided to earn his living this way only.

The Buddha picked up a twig lying on the ground and asked Angulimal whether he could cut it. Angulimal laughed. He picked up his axe and cut it into two. The Buddha asked him to rejoin the two pieces and make them one again.

It was a strange request. How can two severed parts be reunited? He told the Buddha that was impossible. The Buddha smiled and said. “Angulimal, if you cannot give life, you have no right to take it away. It is like cutting the twig and not being able to make it whole again.”

No one had spoken to the dreaded dacoit like this. Here was an unarmed and fearless man who was talking to him as a friend and equal. The importance of what the Buddha was saying sank into him. He laid down his axe at the lotus feet of the Buddha.

Let us contemplate on this and be full of love and care for others. Let us be careful not to snap the ties of love Rahim spoke of. Only then the Angulimals in our society will turn into good and loving citizens.


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