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Winning titles under the radar; the story of 'Big Shot Rob'

other Updated: Sep 12, 2012 00:58 IST
Vinayak Pande

When you think of the most successful NBA players of all time, what are the names that pop up in your head? As far as current players are concerned, five-time champion Kobe Bryant is sure to be one of them. Michael Jordan and his six titles will most likely ring a bell. What about Robert Horry? It's a name that will probably register with die-hard NBA fans but other than the faithful not many may know that Horry has more championships to his name than Bryant or Jordan.

"I think it comes as a shock to anybody that I have more titles than Michael Jordan because he's considered the best player of all-time," Horry told HT. "A lot of times when people find out they ask me if I played for the (Chicago) Bulls and I say no!"

Utility player
Horry's path to championship success was, however, unconventional as he was never in the limelight, unlike the star players he teamed up with. Despite clocking a decent amount of playing time, the now retired Horry was considered a 'role player', one who complemented his team mates and did a bit of everything instead of being the resident superstar. While it worked for him, it's not something Horry recommends to aspiring players. "You never want to tell kids to be a role player, else they will never aspire to be the best they can be. The best thing is to let them play as hard as possible and figure out how they can help the team."

Minimum tutoring
Horry is also against coaches giving players who come in as substitutes any brief. "You never want to give a player a brief," said Horry. "Plays are designed and there is always a second option. Nine times out of ten you will have to go to that second option."

It's these sort of tips that Horry hopes to pass on to aspiring Indian players as he tours Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai during NBA's 3-on-3 tournament challenge from September 15 to October 21.

"I've already seen some players here and there are a lot of talented individuals," said Horry. "You can also tell that they've been watching some NBA as they try to pull moves like Bryant and Lebron James. So hopefully basketball will grow and we'll be able to sneak in there and beat cricket out (laughs)!"