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World Chess Championship: All you need to know about Carlsen-Anand encounter

other Updated: Nov 08, 2014 15:39 IST
Vignesh Radhakrishnan
Vignesh Radhakrishnan
Hindustan Times

The D-day has finally arrived.

Five-time world champion Viswanathan Anand will commence his challenge against World Champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen in the first World chess championship 2014 match on Saturday.

Let us take a look at some of the important facts, dates and rules of this World championship.


The Olympic Media Center in Sochi, Russia.

Anand conducts a final inspection after the opening ceremony (Photo credits: Instagram/ @worldchesschampionship)


Every match will start will start at 3pm Moscow time or 5.30pm Indian Standard Time.

Points system

At the end of each game, the winner will be awarded 1 point. If the game ends in a draw, both players will share half point. There are no negative points in case of a loss.

We're wondering if the Berling wall will rise in Sochi. (Photo credits: Instagram/ @worldchesschampionship)

Game types

A match is played over a maximum of 12 games and the winner of the match is the first player to score 6.5 points or more.

Each of these 12 games is partitioned into three time chunks.
First chunk: First 40 moves must be made in 120 minutes
Second chunk: Next 20 moves must be made in 60 minutes
Third chunk: From then on, for every move made an increment of 30 seconds is awarded.

If the scores are level after these 12 games then 4 tie-break games are played.

In tie-break games, each player is given 25 minutes with an increment of 10 seconds after each move.

In case the match is still drawn, a match of 2 games is played with a time control of 5 minutes plus 3 seconds increment after each move.

In case of a level score, another 2-game match is played to determine a winner.

If there is no winner even after 5 such matches (total 10 games), one sudden-death game is played. In sudden-death games there is no time increment.


8 November 2014 Game 1

9 November 2014 Game 2

10 November 2014 Rest day

11 November 2014 Game 3

12 November 2014 Game 4

13 November 2014 Rest day

14 November 2014 Game 5

15 November 2014 Game 6

16 November 2014 Rest day

17 November 2014 Game 7

18 November 2014 Game 8

19 November 2014 Rest day

20 November 2014 Game 9

21 November 2014 Game 10

22 November 2014 Rest day

23 November 2014 Game 11

24 November 2014 Rest day

25 November 2014 Game 12

26 November 2014 Rest day

27 November 2014 Tie-break games

Let the games begin!