Anand's worry deepens as Game 8 ends in a draw

  • Vignesh Radhakrishnan with Agencies, , New Delhi
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  • Updated: Nov 20, 2013 15:03 IST

Defending champion Viswanathan Anand could not break through challenger Magnus Carlsen’s defence as he ended the eighth game in the World Chess Championship in a draw on Tuesday.

It turned out to be another tame affair after a similar draw in the previous game, as Carlsen gave nothing away in the tournament being held in Chennai.

With just four games to go in the 12-game match, Carlsen retains his two-point lead with the score line now reading 5-3 in favour of the 22-year-old Norwegian.

Anand needs at least two victories in the next four games to level scores.

When Anand was asked whether he would open with the Sicilian defence in the coming games he said, “I don't really know what his intentions are, so even if I open with Sicilian, I don't know what good that will do, I decided to go for this. I'll try it in the next game, perhaps.”

Anand maintained he was happy with his opening preparation, “Tomorrow is a rest day… I will try and prepare something for the next game.”

Carlsen said even though he didn't play for a draw, he was satisfied with the result in the eighth game.

He added that he was not surprised that the Berlin defence was played again like several games earlier in the championship.

On being asked to comment on how he acquired his unique game-play, Carlsen said, “I didn't have any particular idol in chess when I was young. As a young player, I just wanted to play attacking chess, sacrificing material all the time. Although I am fairly young, I have been playing for a long time now. I have adjusted and developed my play accordingly.”

Carlsen today took just 11 minutes to make the first 22 moves. He felt that there was no need to think as almost all the moves were pre-determined.

Anand said the match situation is now clear — he will try and change his game style in the games to follow.

When asked whether he would reveal his ‘team of seconds’ now, Carlsen said he didn’t have any intention to do so.

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