Justin Wilson’s death triggers questions about IndyCar safety

  • Reuters, London
  • Updated: Aug 26, 2015 01:03 IST
File photo of Justin Wilson who died on Monday after suffering a severe head injury during a wreck in the closing laps of a race on Sunday. (Reuters Photo)

The death of British IndyCar driver Justin Wilson has once again raised questions about the safety of motor racing and prompted calls for the introduction of closed cockpits.

IndyCar officials announced on Monday that Wilson had died from severe head injuries he suffered in a crash at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania, the previous day.

Wilson slammed into a wall after he was struck in the helmet by debris from another car he was following. He was airlifted to hospital but never regained consciousness.


As tributes began flowing in following the announcement of his death, there were renewed calls for a review of safety in the sport.

“I think that it is time that solutions are looked for and I think it is time that the drivers got together and came up with a few ideas,” former race driver Eddie Cheever told ESPN.

His death also triggered calls for safety reviews, including suggestions that open wheel racing be banned on high-speed, oval tracks, where tightly-packed cars reach speeds of 370 km/h (230 mph). IndyCar officials have introduced a raft of new safety measures over the years, including safer walls and collapsible barriers designed to cushion impact, installing mobile hospitals and trauma centres at tracks.

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