Built a rapport I will cherish for life: Paathshala volunteer

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  • Updated: May 20, 2016 14:06 IST
Priyanka Verma, 22, a student of B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, volunteers with HT Paathshala to teach children using innovative methods of learning. (Special arrangement)

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HT Paathshala supports NGO programmes like JustKhelo which use playtime and games as a means of personality development for underprivileged children.

Priyanka Verma

“I read about the HT Paathshala initiative in the newspaper and wanted to volunteer because I feel that many of us are simply constrained by the economic conditions we are born into. In all other ways we are equal, but our fate is often dictated by our background, which is not fair. I believe change can be brought about, even if slowly, and I wanted to be part of that change.

I volunteered with JustKhelo to play games with children. This was an innovative method of learning which helps build the child’s personality and learn soft skills that help them live well.

The most memorable part, however, is the endearing manner in which the children received me everyday. We certainly became buddies who greeted each other with high fives and the rapport I built is one I will always cherish. Their cheerful smile said it all. We played new games every week and as time passed, I realised that the kids were the ones motivating me to teach them more and try new things with them. It’s a myth that we give when we volunteer. We actually receive a lot in return. So here’s a big thank you to all the kids!”

About HT Paathshala

Hindustan Times Paathshala is a CSR initiative to support the education of underprivileged children. Over 70,353 lives have been impacted under various projects of Paathshala since its launch in April, 2012. The volunteer program was initiated on 7 Dec 2015 with our partner NGOs to make volunteering accessible to those interested in devoting time for children in need. Be it a donation or a purposeful hour spent with underprivileged children, small actions make a big difference.

If you’re a volunteer, come forth and share your story. We’d love to know your experience. Whether you teach academics, sports, art or music, your story can inspire others to join this movement and bring about change.

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