‘Volunteering has brought a change in me’

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  • Updated: Jun 02, 2016 16:22 IST
Saasha, a 16 year old student and a believer in working for change, volunteered with HT Paathshala and took up the challenge of training teachers in English. (Special Arrangement)

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HT’s Paathshala program has helped fill critical gaps in the education system for the underprivileged by providing training to the teachers.

Saasha Mor

“I believe that charitable donations are a noble thought, but when we get directly involved with people, it is much more gratifying. I had organized small events for NGOs earlier, so when I heard about HT Paathshala, I wanted to go right ahead. But I was in for a surprise.

At Shine Foundation, I had to teach English to teachers. This was something I had never done before; I had to train people elder to me! But after some initial hesitation, we got into a nice rhythm. I even created teaching material in between classes. The best part was that in the midst of teaching them English, I picked up a lot from the teachers on how to go about explaining things. We also had fun trying to discuss contemporary issues in English for practice. I looked forward to the weekends which were a break from the monotony for me.

I do hope I was able to bring some change, even if small, to the people of Shine Foundation. They made a big difference to me indeed.”

About HT Paathshala

Hindustan Times Paathshala is a CSR initiative to support the education of underprivileged children. Over 70,353 lives have been impacted under various projects of Paathshala since its launch in April, 2012. The volunteer program was initiated on 7 Dec 2015 with our partner NGOs to make volunteering accessible to those interested in devoting time for children in need. Be it a donation or a purposeful hour spent with underprivileged children, small actions make a big difference.

If you’re a volunteer, come forth and share your story. We’d love to know your experience. Whether you teach academics, sports, art or music, your story can inspire others to join this movement and bring about change.

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