All the way from Italy to Patiala for the love of flute

  • Mehakdeep Grewal, Hindustan Times, Patiala
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  • Updated: Jan 15, 2014 00:12 IST

Enchanted by the sounds of one of the oldest classical wind instrument flute, Italian musicians Floriana, Igor Orifici and Francesco have come all the way from Italy to this historic city of Punjab.

In Punjabi University on Tuesday, the trio shared their musical insights and the ancient history of the instrument.

Floriana (36), a yoga teacher and student of musicology at University of Milan who has also being doing research on Gurbani, said, "For me flute is very sacred instrument. I have been doing  research on it for the three years and have been trying to understand the meaning and depth of scared hymns played on flute."

The oldest and most experienced of the trio, Igor Orifici (40), a social worker with an experience of over 16 years of playing flute said, "Flute is an ancient instrument. Its importance and relevance has been mentioned in the Vedas. When compared to other instruments it has much more depth and range."

Orifici, who has been studying about the significance of flute in spirituality over a decade, added that the sounds produced by the flute pave way for divine connection. It forms a trilogy between self, soul and the supreme power."

The youngest of them, Francesco Di-cristafo (22), believes that  flute does not owe its origin to the sub-continent but has been existing across the globe in different forms.

Francesco, who has been performing Italian chords on the Indian bansuri, said, "The bansuri has vast scope. There is a need to do more international collaborations in order to explore the instrument's wide reach. More research should also be conducted on it for this is one instrument that has the power to express all emotions and appeal to the soul."

The trio gave a lecture to the students of Gurmat Sangeet department at Punjabi university where they discussed their own research with the students.


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