Father wants capital punishment

  • Vishal Rambani, Hindustan Times, Patiala
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  • Updated: Oct 24, 2013 22:25 IST

Disapproving the 10-year imprisonment given to the people who beat his son, Yannick Nihangaza, into coma, Nestor Ntibateganya has demanded capital punishment for all.

"They (the convicts) spoiled their life and our," he said on Thursday in his reaction to the verdict. "Yannick is dead mentally and surviving on machines… there is no improvement in his medical condition since April 21, 2012. The crime equals murder." he said.

The man unaware of Indian law said had the crime occurred in his country, "the sentence would have been death". "My son is on deathbed and whenever the doctors will pull off life support, he'll be gone. We had sent him for higher studies, not to see him die each day," said Nestor.

Yannick's medical bill has crossed `1 crore, while the Punjab government, which agreed to bear all expenses on treatement, had paid the family only `5 lakh. "I am thankful to the hospital (where his son is admitted for the one year) but the government should keep its promise," said the distressed father.

He said there were nine people involved and police were yet to arrest two. "One accused is still in India and the other in Australia. They should be brought to trial," said Nester, in India since April 25, 2011.

He wants to take his son back to Burundi but the medical condition doesn't allow. Besides, the Punjab government hasn't promised any air ambulance.


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